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11-14-2003, 10:32 AM
I was wondered the same thing, so I contacted BMWNA. Read the emails below. In summary, original bumper to bumper (4y/50k) and engine (6y/100k) warranties are transferable, but no maintanance will be valid.

Dear ***,

I'm with BMW of North America, LLC, and your internet posting has been forwarded to me for response. Your New Vehicle warranty does transfer, however the maintenance warranty is only valid in the United States.

Thank you for contacting BMW,

Amber Wood
BMW Customer Relations

Yes, the engine warranty and the manufacturer warranty are transferrable.

You are eligible to get your money back for the extra year you paid for. Please contact the Finance Manager at your BMW center for assistance.

Thank you for contacting BMW,

Amber Wood
BMW Customer Relations

formid: 1001

Comments: Dear BMWNA,

I have a question regarding warranty and free maintenance in the case an original owner of the BMW moves to Korea/Japan with his car. To my
knowledge, US warranty/maintenance for my car(2002 M3 coupe) includes
4year/50k miles bumper to bumper warranty, 4years free maintenance (I
purchased the additional one year's maintenance program with my car), and
6years/100k miles engine part warranty. Is my car covered in the same way
as in US even if I move to other countries?

<a href=""></a><br>/// Jon
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11-15-2003, 10:32 AM
<br><img src="">

Go Buckeyes!

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