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12-15-2003, 12:45 PM
I know that Esprit V8 A/B service intervals occur ever 7500 miles...7500, 15000, 22500, etc. I also know that the initial service to take out the break-in oil occurs at 1500 miles.

I am curious about the schedule after that. Is the first A service 7500 miles after the first after-sales service at 1500 miles? If so, A/B service miles would be 9000, 16500, 24000, etc. Or, is the first A service supposed to occur at 7500 absolute miles, which is 6000 miles after the after-sales service?<br>

01-04-2004, 10:43 AM
According to my '01 service manual there is one "after sale" service at 1500 miles which checks torque of rear hub nuts, changes oil & filter,inspection for leaks and top all fluids etc. After that there is an "A" service every 6k miles (or 12 months) and a "B" service at 36k. Every "A" service is oil & fluids, check drive belt condition and overall inspection. B service is for plugs,repack bearings,change transmission fluid and overall inspections also. As far as the actual milage for the first "A" service the schedule states: "distance covered" for the "A" service is 6K which I interpret as the speedometer reading not distance after the 1500 mile "after sale" service.

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