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02-14-2004, 06:04 PM

02-14-2004, 06:29 PM
Let's try that again...

First, let me say I'm quite rusty on my manual skills. Refershed them a bit on a Neon & an Integra yesterday.

Today, I stopped by two dealerships in north & nw suburban Chicago and was able to take two seperate drives.

I was quite impressed by the experience. Even when it's just idling there is a great sound to the exhaust. Just what you would expect from the LS6 engine.
The seats are very comfortable, and hold quite well. If you are waring a heavy jacket, take it off and the seats feel even better.

The first drive(Steve Foley in Northbrook), the salesman took it pretty easy since we were on a 35mph road with some traffic. Even with this, he was able to get it up pretty quickly from a stop.

I took over in a parking lot, and drove there for a bit to used to shifting. It was even easier than the cars I practiced with yesterday. Getting it up from a stop was very easy, even though I was babying the gas so I woudn't mess up their car. I drove it on the same 35mph road as the salesman, but got it up to 65mph (was still in 3rd but could have done it in 2nd if I was more aggressive) before I realized it!
I was able to take it on the expressway, and was up to speed almost instantly. I stayed right, since we were only on it for a few miles. Plus, I was using extra brain power to keep track of the gears - didn't want to worry about traffic. After exiting, we brought it back in - of course I almost killed it turning into the lot.

In the lot, we looked at the interior toys. The sound system is great. It has a great deal of adjustments, and the CD I brought ("Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" by Wilco) sounded even better than I had expected.
Unfortunately the DVD for the nav wasn't it (locked up until its delivered). But a cool feature is that you can IR transfer your addresses from your Palm Pilot into it so it can map them out.
The XM only had the demo stations running, but they sounded great too. The info displays are pretty intereting too, but they're the standard you's expect: temp, gas info, trip odometer, etc.
Even though they had a Plat/Ebony/roof available, didn't get this one since the dealership is too far from my house and he wanted a large deposit.

At the second dealership, I was lucky and their black floor model was out. Since it was supposed to be inside, the drive was pretty quick.
The salesman here has a racing background, so he knew what he was doing with the car. He took it out of the lot and was at 60+ very quickly. It wasn't 5 seconds, but it was still pretty impressive.
I took it out on some curving back roads near the dealership and was able to whip it around the turns at twice the speed limit without any problem. I was even taking it very easy!
I put down a deposit at this for the Plat/Ebony/Roof. It should show up April/May timeframe.
Also, the company folks he was working with at the Auto Show suggested the production run would be closer to 3500 than 5000.

02-15-2004, 03:28 PM

Any wheel hop problems? Any head room issues? I assume the ride was firm but was it uncomfortably so?

02-15-2004, 04:17 PM
>Any wheel hop problems?
But, neither I nor the salesmen were making a point to start out especially quick off the line. We were mostly getting a feel for the car at speed, and around curves.
The one that drove it more aggressively appeared to have excellent shifting skills, so I'm sure he would have been able to minimise it if the issue came up.
Anyway, I'm sure they didn't want to injure their car, and I wasn't confident enough in my shifting.
Also, this same question was asked to him at the Auto Show (I guess lots of people read C&D). The basic response is that the V isn't really designed for drag racing, so for nearly all the drivers it won't be an issue.

>Any head room issues?
Nope, even with sunroof.
I'm about 5'11", and pretty even in leg/torso height. Also, the seat was able to adjust down quite a bit.
The seats have integrated seat belts, so this may be a problem for someone tall in the torso area.

>I assume the ride was firm but was it uncomfortably so?
It was around 30 degrees during the drives, and the tires were still pretty cold. You could feel the bumps that are typically there on a Chicago road in February, but they weren't particularly harsh.
But, I have z-rated BFGoodrich GForce KDWS on my current car right now so I'm used to a pretty firm ride.

When we were making the deal, he talked to his manager who said to him "we've been getting over list for these". Fortunately, this was after we agreed on the price. I told him if he was asking over list, I wouldn't have bought it.
Also, the GM Supplier discount is $250 & GM Card points are applicable.

02-15-2004, 05:42 PM

Thanks for the quick respponse. Couple of additional questions. First, was the center display easy to read in bright light? Second, where are the Onstar controls? Thanks. bill

02-15-2004, 08:43 PM
>First, was the center display easy to read in bright light?
There was only moderate light, but it was quite bright. So, I doubt it would be a problem. Actually, I was thinking about how to make it dark enough to drive at night.

>Second, where are the Onstar controls?
Rearview mirror.

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