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07-15-1998, 04:44 PM
I have a problem with a gas smell in my '75 2002. i have already checked under the trunk where the tank is but everything seems fine? The recovery unit seems to be okay to, but when ever it is is warm out and the windows are up while it sits the car fills up with a stong odor of gas. any help would be greatly appreciated.<br>dave

07-16-1998, 11:59 AM
me too on the same car. i'm patiently listening.

07-16-1998, 12:31 PM
Amigos,<p>I had the same situation. Some of my solution depends on what's up with the car that you have. Mine had a weber conversion, and no longer used the emissions stuff, and the return line to the gas tank. I found that the return line was leaky at the tank, and capped it off. I've fully removed the vapor tank, and associated little breather hose that goes to it from the filler sleve. Basically I've simplified the 'system' not to include components that aren't needed! <p>At any rate the gas line going forward is plastic, and runs through the cabin, so it could be leaky anywhere along the way, although mine never has.<p>Good luck, that's all I know on the subject, and the SoapDish don't smell any more like gas... Just like burning oil... Har har. Blown head gasket, so it's smelling like dust until I get the head back next week.<p>-------<br>BigDog<br>PSR BMW ACA<br>'76 2002 (SoapDish)<br>'95 Ram 2500<br>

Marty Haynes
07-21-1998, 05:36 PM
These cars are famous for rusting fuel tanks. Usually it is the edge seam because they are mounted using a foam gasket that absorbs water. But my car, even though kept garaged and in a dry climate still rusted out, but in pinholes that were undetectable by just looking. The paint appeared to be intact but there were actually pinholes that allowed gas to seep into the trunk compartment around the tank. I found a great place that solders the tank, fixes ANY holes and then uses a special plastic sealer inside and out to make the tank fuel proof. The company is called Mattsons Radiator in Stanton, CA. Their number is 714-826-0357. If you have a fuel smell in the trunk or cabin, that's the first place I'd look. It is easy to take up the panel in the trunk over the gas tank. <p></i>

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