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02-24-2004, 03:35 AM
¡§V¡¨ Day One ¡V 2/23/04.

The day begins early. We had a scheduled 2pm time to be at the dealer to take care of the paperwork and pick up the car. Instead we arrive at 11am. We have seen the car on Friday, and are ready to get the day underway.

I have a stack of ¡§Incentives¡¨ to use on the car:

1. ¡§GM in the Driveway¡¨ Certificate (approx. $5k off MSRP) ¡V Thanks Michael!
2. GM/Cadillac ¡§Ride & Drive¡¨ ($1k) ¡V Thanks ctshq form CLUBCTS
3. GM Card Earnings ($1k)
4. GM Card Bonus ($750) printed off the website

Of the 4 listed, the dealer was only willing to accept #3 above, which was certainly worth something but of course not really what I would have preferred ;)

I have to go thru a number of hoops, within the purchase process, for what seem like no reason to me (cash deal, no trade). My sales guy was great and walked me thru the car step by step. During our walkthrough we notice a loose body panel at the rear Q panel and rear pass door as well as a noticeably marked pass seating surface. We finally get the car out in the sun and that¡¦s where the day goes even further downhill. Front bumper has small scrapes at both corners, then after closer inspection we notice that most of the body panels have some splotch-y-ness. I can see right away that this is UNDER the clear coat (I have a bit of experience in award winning car finishes - so I know how things should look). I get the various managers to see it. It gets written up and will need to have a COMPLETE vehicle repaint. I don¡¦t want to give up the car before I have even driven it (I did however - purchase it before driving it), so I said I¡¦ll get to it in a few weeks. ƒ¼

On Friday the car had 10 miles on it and had obviously been driven a very short bit recently, but not very far, toady 13 miles (not an issue for me). I finally get to get in and drive the beast¡K.I¡¦m used to a Euro (R up, 1 down, 2 up, 3 down, etc.) gated transmission and a VERY hard clutch with a VERY sharp point of engagement. Those things are so very different on the ¡§V¡¨ it will take a bit of time to get used to. Handling is EXCELLENT, power also very very good. I have driven the car over 120 miles today, having stayed within the ¡§break-in¡¨ recommendations I still managed to get the NAV Screen to display ¡§Traction Control Activated¡¨ and ¡§Stabilitrak Active¡¨ multiple times. I DO hear something that I think maybe the U-joint chatter that others are reporting. I can also tell that the car is slightly out of alignment ¡V my passengers actually brought this to my attention as I was slightly correcting on a straight road. I¡¦m also surprised that GM doesn¡¦t offer 3 months of full XM free (to get you hooked), as well why is there no under hood light (do they NOT want us to show of the LS6?). At his rate I¡¦m sure I¡¦ll have even more questions tomorrow (with another day of similar driving planned).

Not a horrible day 1, but not great either¡K.I guess I¡¦m still getting comfortable with the car. Overall NOT the happiest camper ƒ¼, but enjoying the rest. So far this is not much better than my last new car experience (Ford).
Comments welcome, feedback ENCOURAGED.


(Cross) Posted:

02-24-2004, 05:19 AM
People were worried about the paint and I guess rightly so.

So let me guess.........

You have a BLACK CAR that shows EVERYTHING right??

02-24-2004, 10:55 AM
Yep, altho I would be able to see the same issue on the silver.


02-25-2004, 03:06 PM
Day 2 – About 200 miles driven today, some of those miles with 3 passengers, few are with other drivers besides me.

No story, just a list this time!

Pro’s –

STABLE TAUGHT (word used by a passenger) firm ride
Growls like a BEAST
VERY Fun to drive
Can scare passengers easily ;)
Launches almost nicer in 2nd than 1st

Cons –

1. No volume level indicator (that I have found so far), How do I know if it’s halfway up?
2. While trying to get Onstar setup the call dropped several times (this was NOT in a bad cell area) – ended up not being able to complete the process.
3. If XM preview is the same fidelity as the full XM it’s noticeably lower than regular radio.
4. I’m beginning to wish there was a “comfort” setting, the “taught” ride would not be comfortable on long trips (Sort of the reverse of the “sport” setting on the standard CTS)
5. The paint spottiness is mentioned in the Warranty Booklet (this means there is enough of a problem that they need to point it out).
6. The parking brake only holds the car when FULLY depressed (probably can be adjusted)
7. Personalization issue – twice today I got out of the car (after setting seat & exit positions properly) briefly (re-fuel and ATM) with OUT locking the vehicle. Seat moved back properly but then doesn’t move forward to driving position. Is there a setting I’m missing? If I (using the remote) lock and then unlock the car my seat DOES move to the proper position but of course I’m next to the car (and there are passengers inside), so I DON’T lock the car. I would have figured that when I put my key in the ignition the seat would return to the proper spot but no- have to lock and unlock to get the seat to move. Weird.
8. Front Cig Lighter (12v outlet) is rather close to the shifter – some power adapters may not fit without getting in the way of shifts (my Valentine1 Radar power had to be located to the back outlet – I’ll hardwire it soon, my cell power is close but ok).
9. Seats – Need A LOT MORE side (bolster like) support, everyone who has been inside (while in motion) agreed that the seats do NOT hold us in.
10. G-Meter (this maybe a User Related Error) – I have yet to figure out how to “hold” the g-meter reading so that I can see it after I’ve completed a turn.
11. With 330 Miles on the clock, it’s got quite a bit of brake dust.

Suggestions Anyone?

02-25-2004, 03:22 PM
I think inserting the key to get to your memory position only works when the "easy entry" is off. If not you must use the key pad or press the button on the door.

02-25-2004, 07:09 PM
Ben, GM, or XM does give complete(all channels) XM for free for 3 months. There are some sample stations on the radio, about 5 or 6, that are on before the XM is activated. If you only get those stations, go to chanel 0 and wait a second, the xm radio code will appear,write it down, call onstar, ask to be connected to XM, give them the code and they will activate it for free for 3 months.

02-26-2004, 01:10 PM
Thanks. Finally got that taken care of last night, now have 3 mo free (full) XM. But the dealer didn't mention this.

02-26-2004, 01:23 PM
Let me know--I can help with space to store them if you need it.


02-26-2004, 02:09 PM
It's been raining ALOT here, I'll try to get out in the sun over the weekend (clean off a section) and shoot some.

02-26-2004, 11:21 PM
Why would someone do that? Did they knock a lot off the price to get you to do so?

02-27-2004, 01:36 AM
Day 3 was pretty stormy and uneventful other than finally getting Onstar and XM up and running – 80 miles driven today on the 2nd tank of gas (~17 mpg). Reading the manual helped solve the seat memory problem, and some other user related error issues (doh!).

Day 4 on and off stormy did the commute trip (120 miles RT). Now >500 miles, car still driving GREAT - found a few more small items, like the driver seat rubbing against the center console (I’m not the only one with this problem) and the plastic engine cover rubbing the under hood pad (leaves a mark on both sides).

Still not able to open it up or get the “g” meter up as the ground is just too wet.

Tomorrow should prove interesting ;)


02-27-2004, 01:39 AM
Because I had a transporter there witing for it (and they get pre-paid). The alternatives were: wait a few months for another car or have them re-paint it right away and pay 2x for the transporter. This way they will repaint and give me a loaner on my time.

This apparently happens to me often (last 3 cars or so), and is a sign of good luck ;)


02-29-2004, 11:34 PM
Day 5 with V! (Friday) - Most interesting day (so far) with V BY FAR!

I have put over 500 miles so far in 4 days – so I am now thru the “break-in” period. I have visited a few other local dealers in the car – I have a friend who is looking for a DeVille for his mom – the look the faces of the dealers when I roll in with the V is priceless (most won’t have their 1st V for another month). I have been in search of a magnetic (oil) drain plug (keep reading to find out what I have discovered). Anyway It’s Friday, Day 5 of V! And today is my day to get in a few (road course) laps at the world famous Infineon Raceway @ Sears Point. For those who have never been this track is a bit scary for those with a new car as there are a lot of possible walls to put your car into (unlike say Thunderhill with runoff for miles, but hey they don’t do a lot of PRO racing @ Thill). Great place to finally get the revs up and play with the multiple modes of Stabilitrak/Traction Control (so far I’ve found: 1. All on, 2. T/C off (S/T on), 3. S/T off (T/C on), 4. All OFF, and 5. Competitive mode (Minimal intervention) ). Competitive was by far the most fun. I hadn’t played much with these settings (yet) as it was REALLY storming around here this week. Took a few people for rides, including a whole group of EVO 8 owners who were like this car has balls even with all 4 of us in here! Unfortunately I have no pics of ME (with the V) on the track (as the camera was in the trunk!), but I have many witnesses that saw me out there! 

There were a number of very cool cars out that day as well – here is one of a set of twin orange bulls (the other was a matching color Murci – this is the baby Gallardo):

<img src="">

Right after our time at the track we went to do the V’s First Oil Change (621 miles)! First time I’ve had it up in the air. Still can’t figure out what the driveline noise is (thought it was U-joint like – but there is no u-joint per se). Took 6.5 fresh quarts of M1 5-30, fresh filter (+ the drain plug rubber washer) and lo and behold it comes with a magnetic drain plug (the Z06’s do not IIRC), which was FULL of metal shavings. Good time to change the oil. I also took an oil sample to send for analysis. I’ll report back with the results of the blood test. The day finished off with baby’s first bath.

Still some nagging little issues but the car continues to be great fun.

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