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02-27-2004, 07:07 PM

02-27-2004, 07:53 PM
how big of an upgrade? :)
my friend has a lot of audio upgrades (lol, maybe a little too much) in his e46, i'll just post a link to the stuff he's done to his car:
<a href=""></a>

he got most of the audio/visual stuff installed at NEXT Technologies (they also made custom software and the interface for the touch-screen)......i think they're in scottsdale somewhere.

occasionally we're out at the scottsdale pavillions (saturday nites), if u wanna checkout his car in person....check the SW section on

and whatever u do, do NOT take ur car to audio express for installation.....they'll cut up your carpet & do crappy (and sometimes very unsafe) wire connections._____________________
<a href="">checkout link #3, Tricord's E21 site rocks!!!</a>
<a href="">also, checkout link #1, E21's on Bimmerforums :) </a>

03-02-2004, 04:15 PM
seriously, I've seen lousy work by high end audio shops in my lifetime which is why I do my own installs.

what are you looking at adding?

I've add the following (in order) over the years:
added sub to stock system
replaced stock amp & speakers keeping original headunit,
replaced headunit with aftermarket cd/mp3 player,
replaced CD player with flip out screen and added navigation.

I've worked on a couple e39 5 series and an 87 3 series.

I can post pics of my install if you'd like.

Phoenix, AZ

<img src="" > TAKE THAT MERCEDES!

2000 528/5. Production 8/2000, <40K miles
custom stereo, DVD nav, hands free car phone
CDV delete, RSK, trans mounts
Fresh-scent Pine Air Freshener

Problems to date-symptoms (all covered under warranty):
final end stage unit - erradic a/c blower motor @35k
fuel door lock actuator - keyless door entry fuse kept blowing @ 30k
camshaft position sensor - check engine light @27k
battery replacement - low voltage, @ 25k, 2 yrs old
vanos - rough idle when cold. took 3 dealer visits. @24k
O2 sensor - check engine light @19k

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