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03-13-2004, 06:09 PM
The electric seats in my '84 733i are suddently flaking out. They recently went on the blink seemingly without warning. The drivers seat stopped moving back and forth; I think this is because something might be jamming the mechanism. I an see the cable flexing and can hear the motor clicking ... but the seat does not move.

The passenger seat is totally out. No clicking, no cable flexing nuttin. Well, I can hear some "clicking" for the headrest, but it does not move. Everything used to work - all movements. Now it does not - seems sudden. Fuses are OK too.

Any ideas? Any suggestion of where to start?


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03-14-2004, 07:04 AM
...head rest cables, it seems the cables tend to streach over time and disengauge the motor. simple fix is take off the cable and just drop a short, like less then 1/4 inch long piece of hard thick wire (could even use plastic tube) all it does is push the cable up a little so it engauges the drive on the opposite end. If I remember correctly it kinda makes a clicking noise...

As for the no movement what so ever, I dont really know, I'd suggest checking power at the switch, then resistance from the switch to the motor to see if the wires broke in the harness like mine has.


03-14-2004, 11:06 AM
Although I have repaired the headrest shrinking cable problem with a chunk of plastic tubing 1/4" long in the motor end of the cable, this is another method that seems easier.

<a href="http://www.***********.com/forums/posts/5326">headrest fix</a>
<img src="" HEIGHT=64 WIDTH=64>

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03-15-2004, 03:15 PM
Pull the switches and plug under seat and see if you have power at both places. Switches constantly get dirty & stick. I also had a problem with the seat wiring harness that runs under the drivers side carpet (right where your right foot is), that had broken and shorted wires..

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