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03-20-2004, 02:07 AM
The Team Cadillac CTS-V's in dominating fashion pretty much blew away the GT field today. Max Angelelli took over the lead from Michael Galati and cruised to victory while his teammate Andy Pilgrim, left on the starting grid with a clutch problem, motored easily through the field to finish second.

While Angelelli circulated in the lead posting consistent 2:12's and 2:13's Pilgrim made up a near half lap deficit turning 2:10's lap after lap to finish second less than a half second behind. No one would admit as to why that was except for maybe that Angelelli didn't need to turn the wick up quite as much as Pilgrim did.

The Cadillac team left no doubt that their beautifully turned out Mobil 1/Bose CTS-V's were well tested and ready to rock and roll. The Mobil 1/Motorola/Bose Cadillac CTS-V race cars look great, sound great and are awesome race cars!

When asked if he felt that his car held an unfair advantage Angelelli said, "Yes, we do have an unfair advantage. We have been here 6 days (Sebring) testing. This is our best track."

WCGT Race report

The start of the SPEED World Challenge GT race was quite simply almost frightening. The sound of all of that horsepower waiting anxiously for the lights to go out and start the event was deafening and when they leave it plays like something between a jail break and rush hour traffic played in fast forward.

If you are thinking about going to a World Challenge event do so if for nothing else but to catch the start of the race. At ground level it is downright scary!

Add to all of the usual drama consider that Andy Pilgrim's #8 Mobil 1/Motorola/Bose Cadillac was left sitting on the grid as the rest of the 32 car field rocketed past. It was testimony to the talent in World Challenge that Pilgrim's Cadillac finally left the grid in pristine condition.

At any rate, to the surprise of almost no one Randy Pobst and Michael Galati got their Audi Certified Pre-Owned Audi RS-6's to and through turn one first.

"This is great," Michael Galati thought to himself.

His joy and certainly all of Randy's happiness vanished as Pobst went straight off in turn 3. The belts came off the car leaving the #1 Audi with no power steering or alternator. The problem relegated Pobst to a 26th place finish some 2 laps down.

Galati meanwhile maintained the lead in the opening laps with Angelelli, Tommy Archer, Phil McClure, Bob Woodhouse and Leighton Reese in hot pursuit. Galati's lead would only last a couple of laps as Max Angelelli's CTS-V slid past Galati's RS 6 on lap 3. Max would never lose the lead.

Soon the top of the order settled into a 4 car break away of Angelelli, Galati, McClure and Archer with Bob Woodson in the Woodson Auto Family Dodge Viper trying to hang onto 5th position with Leighton Reese and his black Banner Engineering Chevy Corvette right behind.

Behind them were John Tonelli in the Westboro Dodge Viper in 7th, Tony Gaples in his newly revitalized Black Dog Racing Corvette in 8th, Tim Wiens driving the 1st Interstate Inns/3 R Racing Dodge Viper in 9th and Michael Culver in his First Racing Porsche 911 Cup car in 10th. Tonelli would eventually finish 8th with Wiens and Culver finishing 10th and 12th respectively.

While all of this was going on and Pilgrim was moving through the pack John Young and Lou Gigliotti had to start at the back of the field for various reasons. Young's car was underweight in qualifying and Gigliotti had damaged a couple of tires in a qualifying get together and opted for new rubber and a bad starting position.

Young and his Apex Racing Saleen SR had a great run and passed Leighton Reese on the last lap to capture 6th position. Young fought his way through many cars and high oil temperatures (in the 305 degree range) in a great run.

"It's worn out," Young said of his trusty Saleen with a smile. "And so am I!"

Gigliotti didn't fare quite so well in his LG Long Tube Header Chevy Corvette as he was the second to last to leave the grid and had an off course excursion as well. Considering all of this Gigliotti finished a decent 13th. Particularly in light of his starting position.

Back to the front of the pack Angelelli's move to P1 left Michael to deal with first the 3R Racing/c3controls Dodge Viper of Tommy Archer and then Archer gave way to 3R Racing teammate Phil McClure who started hounding Galati for real as Galati was smoking up the tires on a regular basis to hang onto second position.

McClure and his Aggregate Industries/3R Racing Chevy Corvette Z06 looked to have a shot at Galati but just about the time Pilgrim's Cadillac was catching this group McClure seemed to slow slightly. First McClure gave way to Pilgrim going down the back straight and then immediately let Archer past going into turn 1. Soon his Corvette started to sound very sick and he crackled and popped his way home still finishing 5th.

Tommy Archer was left to settle for 4th 2.4seconds behind Galati who was in turn 3.8 seconds arrears of the Cadillacs.

Leighton Reese got his Banner Engineering Corvette past Woodson into 5th and looked as if he could even close on McClure who was in 4th at the time but by the halfway point Reese seemed to be content to stay where he was.

Actually Reese started having fuel starvation and he started short shifting and the car started to increasingly starve for fuel in turns. By the end of the race both the car and driver were running out of gas.

Reese finished 7th and rookie Bob Woodson finished a strong 9th.

"It's been two years since I've been in a race car," admitted a very tired Reese after the race. "The car ran out of gas and I ran out of talent!"

WCTC Post Race report

Michael Galati won the Remus Power Move of the race probably for blasting his way from 7th on the grid to 2nd exiting turn one.

"I'm going to try drag racing now," Michael joked after the race.

Mike McCann won the Sunoco Hard Charger award going from 32nd on the grid to an 11th place finish in his McCann Plastics Dodge Viper.

Well that is it for now. I can't believe that the season has started. Too bad we have to wait so long for round two! Hope to see you all there!

03-20-2004, 12:13 PM
Guys, in the future can you not put the results in the thread title and warn people that it is a spoiler if you read. It takes away from watching race on TV tomorrow.

Mike in Brookhaven
03-21-2004, 12:07 AM

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