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03-22-2004, 12:50 PM
As many members know, creaks, rattles and pops are common on the Esprit and usually associated with the bulkhead bolts loosening. My 1994 S4 had this common ailment but my bulkhead bolts were tight. After a lot of searching I found out that this can also be caused by the sunroof, and that replacing the hardware for the tongues would fix this. A quick test to see if this is your problem is to pop the sunroof top up and go for a drive. See if the creaks and pops are still present. If they go away, your sunroof is the culprit. This weekend I was able to rip into the car and fix it. I didn't have any new hardware for my sunroof but what was there looked OK, just real dirty. So I removed the sunroof and gave the tongues and screws a good cleaning with some WD40 and very lightly greased everything. Put it back in and went for a drive. Problem solved. Now my ride is creak and pop free. So if you have this same problem, give a quick test of the sunroof first before you tear into the bulkhead. Could be a real easy and free fix.

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