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03-24-2004, 07:55 AM
Latest 1-Series & 2-Series News (updated 23/03/04)

1-Series Hatchback due 2005, 2-Series Coupe & Convertible due 2006, 1-Series Touring due in 2007. Already voted best drive in it's class by "Autocar" magazine. Prices to start from 15,630, rear wheel drive on sale in UK in September 2004, bigger boot than Compact. Traditional longitudinal front engine driving the rear wheels. M2 M-Power 240Bhp version planned, but at least 3 years away at present. Styled by American Chris Chapman under leadership of Chris Bangle using complex surfaces that now have become BMWs' trademark. 330 litre boot growing to 1150 litres with the folding seats down. Perfect weight distribution, variety of high-tensile steels help keep the weight down to under 95kg of todays Compact. Front & Rear alloy suspension, run-flat tyres freeing up space to usually located for the spare wheel, also encompasses plastic housing under the floor. American dealers won't sell the 1-Series hatch, but are keen on the 2-Series Coupe & Convertible provided they come with Six cylinders. 2.0litre engines will have double Vanos but not the Valvetronic system. DSC (stability control), DBC (brake control) & EDB (electronic diff-locks) are standard, steering is rack & pinion using a hydraulic pump, four-wheel disc brakes & vented upfront. The dash mixes elements of Z4 & X3 with BMWs optional iDrive & monitor rising from the dash top. 7-Series style plastic key placed into the ignition slot, drivers must press the start-stop button, steering wheel moves for rake & reach for comfy spot-on driving position. Standard wheels are 16" with optional 17". 6-Speed manual & automatic gearboxes, but 1.6 litre version will only have 5-Speed manual. Already 10,000 potential buyers register with a 1000 confirmed orders.

ENGINE 116i (1.6) 120i (2.0) 118d (2.0) 120d (2.0)
Power 114Bhp 148Bhp 121Bhp 161Bhp
Torque 111 lb ft 148 lb ft 207 lb ft 251 lb ft
0-62mph 10.8secs 8.7secs 10.0secs 7.9secs
Top Speed 124mph 135mph 125mph 137mph
Avg mpg 37.7 38.2 50.4 49.6
Weight 1205kg 1260kg 1340kg 1340kg

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