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03-24-2004, 12:59 PM
Is there any reason this won't work on our V's? I think I'm going to try it (unless one of you can tell me a reason it won't work).

Simple unplug, insert diode, tape up and be done.

That CAGS has got to go...

03-24-2004, 02:37 PM
and no problems. Did it within the first week of ownership. Getting rid of CAGS was one of the best things I did to the car.

03-24-2004, 06:01 PM
I purchased a kit for $20 that uses the correct plugs and resistance. Thre are at least 6 kits that I found on the internet.

Tom Shea

03-24-2004, 10:14 PM
I thought I had read somewhere (maybe here) that the commercially available kits had a different style plug than that which is on the CTS-V.

Can anyone confirm whether they will in fact fit the V wiring harness?

Thanks in advance.

03-29-2004, 10:51 PM
It works, did it today.

Thanks Ben for the help.

03-30-2004, 01:11 PM
You are welcome.

Just FYI to anyone trying this at home, the connector on the V IS different (the blue/white plug decribed at @ LS1 is at the back of the tranny and is the reverse lockout - NOT the one you want to disable). Most (not all) kits fit THIS connector. If you need further info post or contact me - I can try to help explain.


04-10-2004, 08:10 PM
I tried this and had the same problem as with the kit. Still can not shift into reverse and it does not prevent the 1-4 shift.

04-10-2004, 09:46 PM
Tom - was the CAGS kit you purchased specifically for the CTS-V or was it for a Vette, Camaro, etc.? Where did you buy yours?

04-10-2004, 10:18 PM
Nick -

Are you sure you have the correct solenoid? The one on the rear of the transmission with the blue/white connector is the reverse lockout solenoid. You're looking for a black double barrel connector that is located just above the Dextron sticker on the driver's side of the transmission - about midway back.

I think you may have grabbed the wrong connecter, as there are many people who have now done this successfully check here: for more information.

04-11-2004, 05:28 AM
Did you put it in the right place?
It doesn't go in the same place (connector) as the Vette.

Works for me and many others.


04-12-2004, 06:23 AM
You are correct. I had bought the one for the Z06 and installed it on the clip that matched the clips the elimator came with, but then found out it was not compatible with the V, so I tried the resistor and assumed it went into the same spot, but obviously I assumed wrong. Thank you "BG" for your detailed notes. It made it very easy to find and in about two minutes, I had the resistor installed and it works beautifully! Thanks your for your time and effort in being detailed to help. I appreciate it. Now I can be happy!!

04-12-2004, 06:30 AM
As noted above, the kit for the corvette does not work on the right solenoid on the V. There is a solenoid with a clip that does match the kit, it however is apparently for the "Reverse Lockout" solenoid. The actual clip for the 1-4 shift solenoid is a different style of clip than the one used on the vette and the V's reverse lockout solenoid. So the kit for the corvette is completely useless for a CTS-V. As others indicated, for about 20 cents, you can purchase the 2200 or 2.2 ohm, 1/2 watt resistor from radio shack and slip it into the female end of the connector, tape it up and you're don. The kit's that are sold do exactly the same thing with a resistor, they just put a resistor in a piece of plastic that allows it to be directly plugged in. I'm sure at some point someone will make one with the right clip for the V and charge $20.00 or more for a $.20 cent part. Mine works great now, so I'll stick with that.

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