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03-30-2004, 10:50 PM
Is this a common problem? Would like to drive a C240 before I make a decision between a C230 4 door and a 325 Sport 4 door. I know that collectively, these cars as a whole may not be equal, but I'd at least like to see what the Merc 6cyl with a 6 sp feels like. Been to 2 dealerships and only seen 2 C230's - never a C240. Saddly, the second MB dealer I went to (an AutoNation dealership near what was once the Compaq Center) applied extreme high pressure sales tactics from the second that I walked in, until I left. Not really what I expected at this price point. I would have thought I left that behind at the Chevy/Ford/Honda/Mazda/etc level. Guess not.

I'm in no hurry - the present Bimmer has about 10k miles until the dealer stops paying for repairs. Make no mistake - it's time to get rid of this car.
Thanks for any sightings,

05-12-2004, 08:09 AM
You will have a hard time finding a C240 manual anywhere. MB doesn't offer one in the US. If you want to drive a V-6, drive the C320. It is a great engine, and has more punch than a C230, and way more than a 240, which is a slug.
Right now dealers are getting 2005 models in stock, so great deals can be had on 2004s. I'd make sure you take a look at the C320 or 230 sport sedan versions as well, particularly if you are used to BMW 3 series handling.

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