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03-31-2004, 01:20 AM
Just picked up my new V today. I really love this car and got a bunch to say so be forewarned that this will get long....If it were not for some of the long posts from others on here I probaby would have bought the 545i.

Before seeing the car at the dealership I was kind of afraid almost to buy the car because of all the threads about things wrong with the vehicles and so forth. But I just couldn't resist buying this vehicle after some of the longer posts from other V owners that have owned other high performance luxury sedans/sports cars. I figure that for every 1 guy who had something wrong with his at time of purchase that there were most likely 100 who didn't.

It just so happens that I called a local dealer who just had one dropped off the truck just a couple hours prior in Black on Black with a sunroof (just the way I wanted it). So I went down to take a look at it and I found out that it had only 2 miles on it and had not yet even had the plastic off the steering wheel. I took a good long look at it and looked for all the things that others said they found with theirs and found far as i could tell it was I bought it!

I was just not prepared for how lovely this car is! In the last week I've driven the M3, 545i and the mercedes that everyone talks about. I must say that this car crushes them all in looks both inside and just do not do it justice.

I do not like mercedes benz cars...if you ask me they are over-rated. Nothing special about the interior and the body is blah.

The M3 is a awesome performing car. I took it out 2x for about 30 minutes each time and came real close to buying it before my girlfriend insisted that it's just too small. We decided that since I already have a twin turbo 300zx that we had to have a 4 door with some room. More nimble then the V but the interior dated looking...still can not believe that a car that costs 60g's (after you add the stuff that makes it nice) has such a ugly dash with nothing in it? In my opinion not really comparable to the V because its so much smaller.

So we drove the 545i...decent body style but nothing girl thought it was boring looking. The car does handle pretty well and seems vary balanced. I liked the in-dash screen but did find the ipod kind of hard to use, even after a thorough session with the salesman about it. The V's center console is soo much nicer and easier to use.

So onto the V...
The body styling is Sweet! They had a silver one next to the black one and in my opinion it wasn't even close on which looked better. I would have to say that it is one of the thickest, darkest looking black paint jobs I have ever seen.

The interior is soo much nicer then it looks in pictures. The stitching in the seats is nice and the feel of the leather is much better then in any of the other GM's I've ever been in, including 2 other cadillac's I've owned. I like the fabric inserts, even a buddy of mine tonight said that it was keeping his little butt planted in the seats really well even without his seat belt on. For me I really like the seats better then any of the other comparables i drove. I'm a big guy and I felt more comfortable in these seats.

The steering at 120mph felt really solid and the car still felt safe. It was wet or semi wet the entire day so I could do limited cornering and since I just got it I never went above 5000rpm's but the pull was still tremendous.

Their is a big difference in the 410 horsepower that my 300zx has and the 400 on the V. And I would have to say that I prefer the sound and feel of the big V8 to the tightly wrapped engines of the foreign cars (300zx and M3). The sound of this car is really awesome. There is a video posted somewhere on this site i believe by a guy inside the car, it's pretty acurate to the sound in person if you want to get a good feel for it. Can't remember where i saw that video though.

This is the first car I've owned with a navigation system so I can't compare it to any other cars system but I will tell you that I think it is just too cool....There are a ton of options and the screen in the V looks great. I started with the personalization cd in but the system is so easy to use that I ended up having it all figured out before the cd was even halfway finished.

The sound system in this car is by far the best I've ever heard without being modified. Much better then in any of the other cars i test drove. For once I purchased a car that does not need to be altered to sound good. But would like to know if this system has any room for growth? Will have to read the manual after this.

Don't know anything about the wheel hop issues since i didnt get on it that hard...

The fit and finish on this car is of any GM that I've ever owned (14 others, new one every year or so). I've not yet been in another GM that feels so solid and well built. Definetly aimed at competing with BMW.

Well I'm off to bed...put 120 miles on it since I picked it up at 5pm. Will update with more thoughts tomorrow night.

Happy owner of Black on Black CTS-V!!!!!!!

03-31-2004, 01:30 AM

03-31-2004, 10:44 AM
Where from?

03-31-2004, 10:21 PM
Read this post and the reply by Wienk.

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