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Dylan Scott
04-07-2004, 03:01 PM
Come join in on the 11th running of the Porsche Owners Club Tribute to LeMans.

May 14th through 16th sees the POC running their 11th year of the Tribute to LeMans, for the first time on the fantastic California Speedway in Fontana. And you can join in! POC has been running this event for 10 years now and this, the 11th year looks to be bigger than ever. Stick around and watch the action as the sun goes down and the lights come on. Watch the flame throwing, brake grinding, wheel-to-wheel action of some of POCís, maybe even some of this countries best racers in action on this grueling 2.8 mile track. Using the high-speed bank of turn 1 and 2, through to the technical inner field in a frenzy of heart pounding speeds and passes.

This year for the first time, POC is offering a FREE area for Exotic cars owners to sell their Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini cars. Whether it's your prized streetcar or a full-blown racecar, there will be room for you and at no charge for the space.

Or, you can join in on some track time with the first ever POC Lead & Follow sessions at lunchtime. For $20 you will see a full 20 minutes of laps in your own car around the 2.8-mile road course of California Speedway. POC race drivers will leads groups of cars to control the speed and to show you the line around the track. Interested in being a racecar driver but never had the chance to drive on a track? Here's your chance! This will be a speed-controlled event as you will not be required to wear a helmet and passengers are allowed. But it wont be a Sunday crawl, so make sure your vehicle is mechanically up to the task. There will be two twenty minute sessions over a one hour lunch period, limited to 2 sessions with a max of 50 cars per session on Saturday 15th and again on Sunday 16th. Of course you can always do more than one session if the space is available. Photos will be taken by Head On Photos during these laps and will be available for sale during the weekend or after the event.

Important information;
Sell your car; contact Chris Wiles by email CWMKTING@AOL.COM with your interest and commitment so that arrangements can be made. POC will have a set area to be serviced by foot traffic so think about bringing spec sheets, information and contact details for potential buyers. There will be no charge from POC to display or sell your vehicle.

Lead & Follow Laps; contact Bill Bodine by email BB.BBM@ADELPHIA.NET to pre-book. Booking must be confirmed by 11:00 am on the day of your session or your spot may be sold to other drivers if the event fills up. You may specify a desired session (first or second) on your given day and we will make every effort to place you in that group. Cash payment required, on the day of this event. With over 60 racecars on the track in the POC sessions, 50 cars for the Lead & Follow will leave enough room for everybody. There will be no passing and any reckless driving/drivers will be removed from the track. Vehicle capability and reliability is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and all care and responsibility should be taken at all times. You will be required to sign a waiver form for both the track and the POC.

Visit for more information or for directions.

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