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Sean Lane
04-08-2004, 05:00 PM
I have had a 95 S4 for about a year, and have really enjoyed taking it to the track (4 times during the past year), running with the local BMW club (our other car is a Bimmer).

As far as maintenance, I am sure to use factory spec'd oil/parts have recently done a "C" service, and am entirely committed to spending the $$$ to keep the car in top shape. After all, I have wanted an Esprit since adolescence and plan to keep this particular car for some time.

My questions are -- how many track days are too many? At which point am I abusing the car rather than simply enjoying it? Is there some maintenance items that will help protect the car from this sort of use? Are there things I should keep an eye on? (clutch?)

Lastly, let me say that having my Esprit on the track has been a truly amazing life experience. This last track day, my run group was made up of similarly experienced drivers (low intermediate) and similarly capable cars (basically M3's and Mcoupes) and the Esprit was just awesome!

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