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04-28-2004, 08:38 PM
When you turn on your car, can you stop the fan with your hands?

Also does it blow very hard like other cars or is it weak?

On mine, I can stop the fan with my hands when the car is turned on. My fan clutch is suppose to be new just replaced by dealers and it seems very weak to me.

When I put a towel to the fan, it does not blow the towel anywhere. It does move it however when my AC is on and the aux fan comes on.

If it blows weak, is there an alternative fan clutch to use?2000 528i *SOLD ;(
1998 M Roadster ;)
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04-28-2004, 09:50 PM
the obvious question here is, at what point did you decide it would be a good idea to stick your hand in the fan?00' jet black, tan top, 2.3

04-28-2004, 10:17 PM
good clutch fan that has very little engagement when not needed. The ele3ctric fan handles promary cooling, the clutch fan only when the air through the radiator is hotter than normal. So if the clutch fan is working with the car hot and the A/C on it sounds ok to me..<img src=""><img src="">

04-28-2004, 10:18 PM
Should you wish to be silly enough you can stop most fan clutches.

04-29-2004, 01:16 AM
I stuck a wad of newspaper in while it was spinning and it stopped right away. After the fan was spinning back to normal again, I shoved my fingers in and it stopped right away.

If it stops this easily, would the fan clutch be shot?

2000 528i *SOLD ;(
1998 M Roadster ;)
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04-29-2004, 01:21 AM
my hand in mine. it spins pretty fast, so i would go back to the dealer that put it in and have the double check there work.
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04-29-2004, 01:41 AM
The mechanic is incompetent. That fool has had so many redflags on his work that the service advisor was even complaining to me. The POS dealer would not let me switch mechanics, said it was their BS policy. He finally let another mechanic check out the work and that guy said it was the thermostat that was bad. Then they said the mechanic would change it but they are busy and it will take several days for them to. I told them hell no and took my car back. I had to pay DIAG fees for the other mechanic. I get my thermostat and housing changed and the problem was still there. I must have paid over $600 in diag fees alone to that POS dealer and they did not fix the problem. I complained to BMWNA numerous times and all they say is that I would have to talk to the service manager. I told them my experience with the service manager and they tell me that I should go to another dealer. BMWNA has not been cooperative with my problem. I am dissapointed.

I think the POS mechanic never changed my fan clutch and he was the sob that dented the side of my car when it was there. I am steering clear from that dealer and would advise anyone on this forum to never take their car to SHELLY BMW. The mechanic Harlem should get fired after that many red flags, I have no idea why he is there.

But anyways enough ranting, what else is involved in the cooling system? fan clutch, fan temp switch, thermostat, thermostat housing, radiator, waterpump, upper and lower radiator hoses, the reservoir hose, what else am I missing? I plan on changing everything.
2000 528i *SOLD ;(
1998 M Roadster ;)
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DaneKane(Ca.Gold Country)
04-29-2004, 01:06 PM's probably okay..assuming it's not old and cracked, etc..your fan clutch could be defective..or contaminated(or in your case..sabotaged!)fan speed is very fast normally at idle..when it's needed most...wind produced is brisk to say the least!...good luck!(replacement of fan clutch is really simple....try DIY!) '97 2.8 bg R

04-29-2004, 01:19 PM
What's important with cooling fans is not so much the velocity of the air but the volume, so the towel most likely won't turn into a flag. These fans do indeed move a massive amount of air, but not at low load idle conditions.

Our cars have a thermal viscous coupling; the fluid inside is less viscous under cooler temps, and more viscous at higher temps: the higher the temperature, the more the thermal viscous clutch engages.

<a href="">Thermal Fan Clutch</a>

1997 2.8
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