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E class or not
05-02-2004, 09:56 PM
Looking at E320 2004s. I just came from Audi and the car was horrible. All kinds of problems, too many to list.

Anything to be aware of in the E class?

Any other good forum sites?


05-03-2004, 12:38 AM
My E500 has been solid so far. Performance and luxury is pretty well balanced. It does feel like a bigger car when compared to my Bimmers but I like it.

My complaints I have are few but here goes
1) groaning/vibration on its SBC brake-by-wire system.
It works well but you will need some time to familarize to its

2) It allows for alot of user configuration through the up/down
scroll buttons on the steering wheel. Menus are very nested
and can be confusing. To reset something simple such as mileage,
you can be scrolling in and out various menus to look for that

3) Software glitch (IMHO) you cannot scroll up/down to the preset
radio stations from the buttons on the steering wheel. When
you choose up/down, it scans the next available frequency and
not your next preset station.

4) watch out for light colored interior. They look very classy but
man, it is a pain to clean up. The E has carpets in
strange high traffic areas(dead pedal, door seal ...), these
carpeted area get dirty real easy. If you have light colors,
you be like me cleaning up everytime someone sits in the car.

5) this is just speculation. My E doesn't have much option and
have been pretty stable. In other forums, I have read others
where their E are fully optioned with all kinds of gizmo, such
as Parktronic, KeylessGo, SolarPanels ... and so on, there have
been reports on some electronic failures. I'm not sure whether
they are related. I have been fortunate on this front.

In conclusion, after having the car for 6 months , I have been very satisfied with the car. I hope this summary is helpful. Good luck in your selection.

05-16-2004, 12:20 AM
I've had my 04 E320 for about two months and 4000 miles. So far it has been great. Rides and handles well. Everything works well. I thought I had a problem with using the key to open and close all the windows but once I read the instructions again, it was easy. I love this car.

05-16-2004, 04:53 PM
Go for it, just make sure you get an 04, vs 05. They are doing some late cost cutting, and you will miss out on a few little things (barely noticeable). I sold my 03 M3 SMG for this car, mainly because I did not fit, and needed something more practical and comfortable for lots of driving (I'm 23 by the way). I have had far fewer problems with the MB than the M3. My SMG tranny blew, and I was in the shop many times.. But you cant compare the whole brand with one car experience. Fit and finish is amazing, very solid car. Would definately do it again. If you have any other questions, let me know.

Check out as well. Great board. This is my first time on roadfly for MB, as I wasn't aware they had an MB forum..

Good luck! Get lots of options, like pano roof, keyless go, etc etc. I have most every option except for the phone (waste of money) and am very happy

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