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05-23-2004, 07:05 AM
Have been to the closed room view. First impressions confirmed my impressions from the internet introduction: I can't see BMW sell as much as they plan to do.

Interior impressions: quite simple infact, compared to even 3 series compact (E46) claustrofobic feeling sitting inside. Backseats .. oeps .. no room ... bad entrance ...

Exterior impressions: nice though .. it's hard to judge when they show you an overloaded version .. which a normal person would never buy .. given the enormous options list and prices related to them. For example .. painted doorhandles .. lower part of bumper .. not standard in exterior color. Foglights .. not standard ... 16 inch LM wheels .. not standard. At least not in the Netherlands ...

05-23-2004, 10:43 AM
Itīs option on all models.
If the dutch netto prices are the way to go,a naked 120d including german taxing will cost about 23500 EUROS here in germany,a comperatively stripped 320d costs about 27.5k including the AC,the coming e90 will very likely be at least 1k more,so there is still a pricing advantage of about 4k to an e9o,the pricing seems correct for BMW standards.Itīs 1K less than an e46 compact,but 1.5 k more than a comparable A3.
Iīm not so price sensible,claustrophobic interior is more of an issue,the measurements show itīs even wider and taller than an e46,perhaps itīs just the high beltline.

05-23-2004, 01:48 PM
Specifications compared conform original brochures: 3 series compact vs new 1 series

Interior space BMW 1 Series: front width: 140,7 cm back width 141,4
Interior space BMW 3 Series: front width: 143,6 cm back width 143,2

Front hight from seat to roof BMW 1: 96,3 cm back hight 96,7
Front hight from seat to roof BMW 3: 97,7 cm back hight 94,3

So .. though outside measurements do not significantly differ,only the back seat hight of 1 series better comapred to 3 series compact. However .. don't know why ... and I have tried during the closed room view ... even the back space of 1 series looks smaller. Front space is in fact .. as the numbers show .. and when sitting inside even more noticeable .. significant.

05-23-2004, 03:50 PM
Interesting numbers,only knew the outer dimensions so far,and indeed the 1er is 0.5cm taller and wider than the e46 on the outside.But youīre not the first to mention smallish interior space.

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