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05-30-2004, 08:57 PM
I'm planning to purchase either a BMW 525i or a Mercedes E240 (I'm in Asia). I've owned many models from both brands, and usually my purchase decision is based on the model; i.e., I chose 3-series over the C-class, and S-class over the 7-series. Two months ago, my mother crashed my 260E, so I'm looking for a replacement.

They cost about the same (in Taiwan); both at around US$100k (yes, ridiculously high, considering I bought my S320 in north American for less than $80k).

Actually, I'm leaning towards a E240, but a friend purchased 3 E-class last year and had sold 2 due to quality issues. He then bought a 525i, and a 530i, and has been raving about them.

My question is, can you share with me how you made your purchase decision, particularly choosing between the E-class and the 5-series. Price at this time obviously is not an issue since both E240 and 525i cost about the same (525i is marginally less expensive). What about designs? Quality? Some pros and cons for each?

Thanks in advance.

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