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Peter S
06-01-2004, 09:53 AM
What is the connection with Chrysler with this car? Is there are parts or designs used between them? Assembly?
Cross contamination?
Peter S

06-05-2004, 07:03 PM
I do not beleive that there is any "Cross-contamination". The influence of Chrysler has, IMO, more to do with the design than any of the mechanics.

Consider, for example, the updatd Chrysler Crossfire SRT6. The SRT6 pakcs the same engine as the SLK AMG. This is a lovely powerplant that brings 310ft-lbs torque at a relatively low 3500rpm while peak HP is generated at 6500rpm (the Chrysler is rated at 330hp; the AMG 349; but because the Tq profiles are nearly identical, you'll notice little difference between them). This combination should push these buggies along in a hurry and keep them there before needing a up-shift.

As far as the SLK, it really is a $10,000 more expensive vehicle than the Crossfire, and for that money you get a different skin and a better quality interior. Overall, the cars will feel/handle about the same.

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