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View Full Version : Road Trip report -- \'04 XJR

Al Carr
06-08-2004, 09:51 AM
Just got back from a road trip from Va's Shenandoah Valley to Memphis. According to the computer, 1492 miles round trip, 24.9 avg mpg, avg speed 64.7. That was a combination of Interstate and city driving over a 5-day period, 680 miles each way, plus driving around Memphis and nashville. (Had to see the Oprey, Graceland, the Peabody (w/ ducks) and Beale St, y' know!) Drove the 680 miles home in one day (Sunday). Left Memphis at 930am East Coast time and pulled into the drive at 9pm, w/ lunch, 2 gas and dinner stops. The last tank for the trip home was typical of the Interstate experience: 295 miles, 27mpg and avg speed of 71mph, tho I saw mpg as high as 27.6 for one tank of Interstate- only mileage at a slightly slower avg speed. On the Interstates in Tenn, once out of VA, cruised at 80+ most of the time, relying on built-in K40, which works very well but overall isn't as good as my Valentine. However, for VA -- where radar detectors are illegal -- it's just the thing.
Tha car is magnificent. Very smooth and quiet -- as you know -- even w/ the 20" Sepangs. Seats are extremely comfortable, and overall the XJR's a wonderful trip car. Probably the best in the class, tho I have to say I'm not a real fan of the "interactive" cruise control, or whatever it's called, regardless of how heavy or light the traffic is. It doesn't do anything I can't do better by myself, and does a lot of things worse. I wish there was some way I could bypass it and operate it as a normal cruise control. But you get used to it.
XMSR and a book on tape (CD, actually) helped pass the time.
If you have one of these, the open road is its true element. I heartily recommend long road trips. Very theraputic.
Al Carr

06-13-2004, 09:13 PM
Does the adaptive cruise control change speed too much?

That is really great gas mileage considering the performance on hand.

What other cars did you consider before getting an 04 XJR?

Al Carr
06-14-2004, 12:53 PM
The adaptive cruise is too intrusive, so far as I'm concerned. It slows and maintains its set interval well, but when you pull out to pass, it's not quick enough if someone's coming up behind you, so you have to hit the gas, and when you're in the right lane, and someone passes you, and squeezes in ahead of you, it doesn't handle that very well either, so you have to take over from it there, too. Then if you move into an opening that doesn't match the gap, it intervenes there. As I said, it doesn't do anything for me I can't do better for myself.

I agree the gas mileage is great. And the Nav system is wonderful. Much better in all rspects than the one in my '02 530i.

I wasn't interested in the Lexus or Infinity, though I drove them both. The only other car I really seriously considered was the new 645i. Thought it might be a worthy successor to my 850ci. I could live w/ the styling (isn't that a hell of a thing to say? How's that for enthusiasm? Talk about damning w/ faint praise!) and it drove very well, BUT the rear windows don't lower, the back seat doesn't fold down to make a load platform and the sunroof doesn't open. Plus the technology is a nightmare (which is why, in addition to styling I find repugnant, I didn't even look at the 7 Series or the 5 Series; as an aside, when I drove the 760 in the Komen tour, it took them 10 minutes just to show me how to start it, put it in gear, get it into reverse, and stop it, put it in park and turn off the engine. Without even mentioning I Drive, just said to leave THAT alone!), and there are a number of electrical glitches, apparently. BMW has moved far far away from me, which is a shame as I've owned several of them, starting w/ a '70 2002. This isn't really the place for it, but my advice to BMW's Board (and I'm a shareholder) is to get rid of the styling director, who apparently believes he's bigger than the cars, and get that styling studio the hell out of Southern California and put it back in Germany where it belongs. (Sorry for the rant)

This is the second Jag I've owned -- had a '98 XJ8 -- and I'm really impressed with them. I'm gonna be w/ them for a long time.

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