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06-15-2004, 01:18 PM
Please allow me to introduce myself (visions of Mick Jagger doing his rooster on acid imitation).
I am a 35 year AZ resident living in Gold Canyon who, over the last 7 or so years, has developed a full fledged addiction to E30s. My present car is a cinnabar red 1988 325is with 89 bumpers, etc that I have wrested back from the brink of extinction (ie: salvage title). I am an ecotoxicologist working with the State of Arizona but I just love to get my hands dirty fixing everything that doesn’t require tools that I cannot afford or fit in my garage…..which brings me to my point: Is there anywhere an enthusiast can beg, borrow, rent, schmooze the tool used to pull E30 subframe bushings? On my last car (’86 eta) I did the job with a torch and screwdrivers while the subframe was on the car. However, a recent acquaintance with a retired GM skunkworks mechanic has convinced me that this might not be the wisest course. His stories of fuel tanks blowing up made me think twice about doing this in the garage of my new home. This job is a total PIA if you have to drop the entire subframe and attendant hunks of BMW sheetmetal. So…anyone got a suggestion?
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