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06-19-2004, 01:49 PM
has anyone received an incoming call from someone dialing a wrong number in their car? <br><br><br><a href=""><img src="" border=0 alt="Go To!"></a><br><br>

06-19-2004, 02:05 PM

06-19-2004, 03:08 PM
in a call that "doesn't" have a phone that can be used accroding to BMW for anything other than direct contact with Assist.....
Caught me off guard - driving like 80 and my stereo kicks out and I get the sound of phone ringing from my stereo followed by some woman asking if "Steve is there".... Was too surprised to ask her for the number she dialed - maybe she'll call back :-P<br><br><br><a href=""><img src="" border=0 alt="Go To!"></a><br><br>

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