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06-25-2004, 10:43 PM

I just bought an 03 sl55 with what seems to be just about everything...panoramic, dis/parktronic, nav, the works. it has 11280 miles on it, got it for 108k.

I was driving an 02 m3 with smg, quite an interesting difference between the two cars, but that\'s for another time. Going to be selling the m3 though...

Anyway, is there anything i need to know? This car does so much stuff, the manual is a bit intimidating. I have noticed one problem i didn\'t notice on my test drive, there is a slight (cowl?) shake, or something, feels like the alignment may be slightly off. Dealer said they will take car of it. Oh, and a strange sort of hissing noise comes from the rear of the car, i read something about a gas thing, anyone know anything about this.

Fun car, simply beautiful...

Thanks for help in advance.

DerekSacramentoM3 02' Carbon Blk/Blk, V1, Premium, Winter, SMG

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