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06-27-2004, 07:44 PM
For those of you in the northeast, Holloway, in Manchester NH, has a black german spec slk350 on their showroom floor. For info you can call jeff donovan (salesman) for first hand info. The wife is trying to decide between the new c6 vette convertible and the slk 55. As soon as we walked into the showroom she loved the look of the car. Personally, I was a little disappointed. The black color hides the lines of the car and makes a small car look even smaller IMO. I think this same car in irridium silver with amg treatment would give it much more prescence, but if you want ultimate stealth black is the way to go. I was positively impressed with the interior. I'm not a big fan of chrome especially the current checkerboard application in the slk 32, but the chromework in the new slk looks more like a dark pewter. It seems like a brushed aluminum that doesn't convey that phony techno appearance you see in a lot of japanese cars. Usable trunk space with the top down is 43" wide by 22" deep and 13.5" high. This car also had a spare. The seats are typical MB. They give good support, but a little harder than I would prefer. When I try to picture a v8 in this car I'm tryling to figure how they're going to solve the weight distribution issues. I just hope the rear wheels stay grounded The salesman also had performance numbers for other models which are equiped with the 7 speed tranny vs no seven speed. The 0-62 varied about .3 sec in favor of the seven speed and the 30-70 were 1 sec in favor of the seven speed. I guess the seven speed is a good investment in terms of performance.

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