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06-30-2004, 12:26 AM
The 320 CDI is better then then gas engine..

I received my car this past Friday and I can not tell you how thrilled I am with it. It is a Light gray on light gray 320 CDI.

I was told by my agent that the car was pretty fast but as usual, I thought that it was sales talk.


On Sunday, we went for a small drive and I was taken by surprise. The torque on the engine is so strong that it felt more like my 911 then a family car.

This morning I went back to the dealer for the paperwork and I borrowed their CDI to see exactly how quick it is. IT'S QUICK. REALLY QUICK. I think it's a couple of seconds slower then a 911 up to about 60 mph (100kph). Don't forget that it's a 26-35 mpg luxury car.

The engine is far smoother them my '95 E300D. You don't feel the vibration from the engine at all. The noise level is very low and to my ears there is very little difference between the gas and diesel engine. It sounds a bit "gruffer" if you push HARD but not under normal acceleration.

As far as diesel consumption is concerned, I was showing 6.9 liter per 100 km at around 120 kph, which translates to 35 mpg (3.89 liters) at around 75 mph. I will have a better idea in a few weeks. My í95 diesel ran about 42 mpg at that type of speed. Around town itís showing 9 liters per 100 km or about 26 mpg.

So why buy a gas car?

The fit and finish of the interior is superb and up to the usual Mercedes standards. One thing that is bothering me is the light color of the interior. When I ordered the car I was told it was either black or very light gray. I think that the new option is a medium gray. I forgot to look at the colors this morning but if there is a medium gray, I would recommend it. The light gray carpets are going to be very difficult to keep clean.

The ride is smooth and far better then the '95. I think I hear some body shake over REALLY rough pavement but I am not sure at this point. It could be the muffler system or something else that sounds like a secondary vibration. I know that the '95 had NO shake over ANYHTING I plowed through.

What else can I say?

BTW, the only option I ordered was their Multicontour front seats and multi CD playeer.

Is there anything I would change in the car? Yup...I want the 400CDI engine. Better yet, can they make a AMG E500 go Porsche hunting?

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