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07-05-2004, 05:52 PM
Hello to all M-B fans....

A friend of mine just got rid of his red (I mean RED) CLK 320. He asked me if I would help him sell some of his rims that he just got. They are 16 inch, 7 spoked, pollished aluminum. They have never been on a car, nor have they ever had a tire mounted on there. They are still in the orginal boxes!!! He is asking $1000 plus shipping for the set of 4. I am going to have them on e-bay in a moment, but I thought that I would ask anyone on the board first. I did notice that there is no "Wheels for Sale" on the M-Benz link here on RoadFly. Thanks for your help and keep the shinny side up!!!

Andrew Skaggs
1993/1996 325ti

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