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07-09-2004, 09:22 AM
Another horrible experience at Circle BMW in Shrewsbury, NJ. I went to the parts department to buy the Bluetooth kit to install in my \'03 M5. The parts guy was nice. They have the best price for the Bluetooth stuff (significantly below MSRP). I was planning to install it myself. On my way out, i asked my service advisor if I would need an appointment to come back and have the car coded once the BT was installed. He seemed thrown back that I was installing it myself (even though the parts associate just told me he sells dozens of kits for DIY\'ers). He told me that they don\'t usually do the coding for you if they did not install the kit, but he would check with his manager. He went in the back and came out a few minutes later. He asked me where I bought the car, and I said \"what does that metter?\" He said they would make an exception and do it for me. And I quote:

\"It\'s a one hour job with a flat rate of $95, and we can\'t guarantee that it will work. We\'ve had problems with the BT in the past.\"

I told him that I know for a fact the job takes about 5 minutes, and that other people were getting it done for free at their dealers. He gave me a song and dance about standard rates and work time, and held fast to his $95.

Does anybody teach these idiots the value of customer service??? Maybe I didn\'t buy the car from his dealer, but the sales and service departments are separate entities. Furthermore, now I will go to a different dealer to get my service done since these guys pissed me off (twice now). When it comes time for my next BMW, do you think I am going to go back to Circle BMW?

Why the hell doesn\'t BMWNA police their dealers the way Lexus does? Anybody who has ever owned a Lexus knows what I\'m talking about. I\'ve been up and down the east coast for service, and I have to say that BMW service is 50% satisfactory at best. On the other hand, I have had excellent service with Lexus at EVERY single dealer I\'ve ever been to.

It\'s really a shame that I have to drive an extra 30 minutes to get treated with the respect I deserve when I drive a pretty damn expensive car.
Dave F.
Northern NJ
'03 Sterling Grey ///M5

11-09-2004, 08:51 PM
I actually purchase my 03 Bimmer from Circle BMW and had a painless experience, however, the service dept is another story. My inlaw owns a couple body shops in the area and when he saw I bought it at Circle he just asked "WHY" apparently, the parts/service depts. gives him a hard time when he needs parts to repair his customers vehicles. I had my car in recently for service and we were given a loaner 04 x3 truck. It was filthy dirty with coffee stains, and worse, black dog hair. The driver of the car, the boss (my wife) is allergic to dogs and needless to say, had a bad allergic reaction while driving to work in her loanded Bmw from Circle. What a way to start your day! I too agree, that we spend hard earned money for a car with a great reputation, handling, quality etc... the service should represent this as well.

11-27-2004, 06:14 PM
forward these onto him. 1997- 528i- stock
1997- 318i- retired had a chrome tail pipe cover

12-06-2004, 11:15 AM
We've read time and time again on this board and in the Roundel about BMWNAs' unwillingness to police its dealers. Their attitude is quite unlike any other manufacturer (at least in my meager experience), and one can't help but wonder how many sales are lost and how much service (and parts) business goes to independents.

BMWNA is just like this for their motorcycle dealers. I've been buying Beemers and Bimmers since 1975, and have found only two (2) motorcycle dealer whose service department knew what it was doing (out of a possible six (6)) and only one (1) car dealer (out of a possible six (6)). Not a very good batting average.

It seems that the sheer arrogance of BMWNA corporate does not allow them to see the damage that is being done. With huge sales, they think everything is wonderful. They fail to see that although their sales are great, that they could be even greater still if they policed their dealer network like Saturn or Lexus.

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