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08-03-2004, 01:47 PM
Hi All! Looking for a bit of help here. Inherited a 190e 2.6 that had apparently been towed on a dolly with the rear wheels on the ground. It's been laid up for a couple years, and I've got it started. It shifts into gear but makes a noise in the rear end on reverse. When going forward it revs almost to the redline before it shifts really hard into 3rd, then extremely quickly into 4th, then all is quiet and runs fine. Could the tranny and diff be shot? I'd really like to bring the car back to life and upgrade it slowly. Will the manual trannies in the 2.3 work in the 2.6? I'd like to convert it to a manual if the auto is already shot. Thanks for any help or advice you all can throw my way. I'm new and learning, so please be gentle if something I've asked seems horribly ignorant.


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