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08-15-2004, 06:01 PM
I HAVE PROBLEM that i am sure you will be able to help me with.

In my boot(left side as you open it) i have 6 x CD changer (BMW original) which has 2 connectors going to it.The one i'm interested in is the 3 pin connector which has earth (frame/chassis),12v supply and approx 4.6v remote wire to it.I need to know where each of the wires originate from and what other wire are attatched to them along the way.I do know that the earth wire goes into and up to a frame connection just above rear passenger shelf speaker but am not sure where the orther 2 go to.I do not have any wiring diagram nor do i wish to gut the car if can can help it.So if you are able to tell me or send jpeg/pdf i would be grateful.

Reason:Had short circiut (12v through earth wire ) melted all insulation all the way up to frame connector previously metioned,melted pins in 3 pin connector to CD and generally made an awful mess/smell in boot of car- managed to avoid fir thor (thankfully)Anyway. have now hard wired onto CD PCB and got it working.Dont know wheter it connected or not but approx a week after the meltdown, i now do not have a working speedo,ABS/DSC lights stay on,energy meter does not work,trip and milometer do not work nor does OBC for MPG and range(cruise control is ok and car drives fine).Have had it tested using a basic diagnostics gadget and was told to replace speed sensor on left-rear passanger wheel,di this but it did fix problem.Have had further diagnostics but could not track down problem - technician said it could be a wiring fault and suggested to go into main BMW agent.This is my reason for checking the wiring to see if the meltdown did any more damage before i bite the bullit and put it into the BMW main stealer for 140 per hour labour rate for the official diagnostics.
Have read many post/threads and looks like my problem could be ABS control unit and may not related to the short/meltdown at all but i dont know.Cheapest option would be to check loom first for anything that i can fix and if that dont work pu it into BMW.
Any help on this would be helpful,especially wiring digram an aforementioned.
You help will be gratefully received.
Many thanks

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