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09-04-2004, 03:11 AM
So far I've found three comparos between the One and the latest MkV Golf. In two of the tests, the Golf was rated as the winner, although
they said that BMW was more fun to drive and is dynamically in
another level. But (unsurprisingly) the One lost so much ground in interior space and price, it couldn't beat the Golf with handling alone.
Since both cars have 150bhp and weight the same 3000lb, standing start acceleration times were almost equal (0-60 in high 8s), but the One's overly tall gearing hurt its in-gear times where it couldn't get even near the Golfs times.

Btw: The "Sportline" version of Golf has e.g. sports seats, 17in alloys and a sports suspension. But don't confuse it with the new 200bhp turbocharged GTI.

09-05-2004, 11:28 AM

though it beat others in driving fun but lost in
09-06-2004, 09:28 AM
safety, roominess, price and "sensibility"(!) :(

four other hatchbacks
09-11-2004, 12:36 PM
Mazda3 Sport and Opel Astra Turbo won by a very small margin. Despite its inferior power2weight ratio, the 120i was fastest both in the slalom and in corner speeds.
And its laptime on a race track was very close to the Opel which had the widest tires and best power2weight of the group. Rest of the cars (Golf, Civic & Mazda) were somewhat slower both in the racing track and in the slalom test. Opel also dominated the acceleration test thanx to its extra torque. BMW was the most expensive car of the group while the winning Opel was the cheapest.

Just read yet another A3/116i/Golf FSI test ...
09-15-2004, 10:46 AM
The 1er is so expensive they put it against 2,0 litre A3 and Golf! Dynotesting revealed the 116i's powerplant is actually stronger than the advertised 116bhp but it was still no match for the larger engined cars.
BMW took top honors at the handling track, beating the more powerful opposition. A3 had sports suspension kit, but couldn't match 116i's slalom speed. Thanx to its light nose, 116i's steering was rated "fantastic".
In overall results, 1er didn't fare well: both A3&Golf were faster and much roomier (esp. VW) and they questioned 1er's winter ability!

09-15-2004, 11:14 PM
Auto zeitung (Euromag) compared the most expensive currently available versions of both BMW's One (120d) and Mercedes' A (A200CD).
Although the 120d could get near its advertised acceleration claims, it handily outran the lighter but taller A class turbo diesel on the standing start runs.
On the twisities of the handling loop, it was apparent the cars have a very different chassis setup and it also revealed weaknesses on the esp control software programs. BMW, thanx to its lighter nose, is more agile entertainer while A-class diesel places safety/stability above everything else, fun included.
Mercedes suffered from its esp/stabitronics programming which doesn't suit for everyone. Its esp actually shackled the car and won't allow any kind of overriding on the computer's total control over A's cornering posture. This costs points in the "fun to drive" category! A's esp software system slows the cars down and you soon lose interest on clippin' apexes.
The huge difference in slalom speeds reflects this also: BMW 1er's speed through the cones was a full 10% faster than A's. Mercedes' uber-aggressive esp settings may make it idiot-proof and relaxed even on bad weather, but in the handling tests, it costs surprisingly amount of speed. 1er's dsc system offers no less than 3 different "modes" which can be engaged without the clumsy idrive systems as the "dsc" has its own separate control knob on the dash. The "modes" range from typically aggressive to mildly aggressive to manual override, which actually puts the driver in control, a rare thing in all new cars! The people who enjoy driving find the 1er's stabi-control system far more user-friendly and sophisticated than the Mercedes A's intimidating HAL9000 system.

BMW was declared the winner, but clearly these two cars represent the very opposite ends of the so called "lower middle" class/compact cars. If you really are interested in buying the 1er, you probably don't even think the A class as an alternative, and vice versa.

'08 M1 CSL SMG
09-23-2004, 05:25 PM
In a test with Focus 2.0l diesel and Golf 2.0l diesel, the 120d didn't do too well either. Its handling was rated behind the others, though steering fared better. They said the 120d's lack of agility may actually cause many ppl to get the 120i instead!
Performance-wise 120d beat the Ford and VW, if you don't mind the lag..
They also pitched the 120d against a 320td Compact, which almost beat the 120d!
Because of its high price, some would like to compare the One with a Mondeo/Passat, and One's rear seat space loses to Ford Fiesta/VW Polo!

09-24-2004, 03:20 PM
outperfoms every other brand regarding handling....

The high price is not competitive enough. Look at the option list, some BMW options are much more expensive than its competitors. Also the rear seats space is always mentioned in the tests. So who is gonna buy this car? Some who likes the pretentious badge and its driver pleasure factor. The cheapest entry model? A 3 compact? The one is the replacement of the 3 compact in sales? I hope not..


09-24-2004, 10:27 PM
I've noticed the "as tested" price of the 1-series cars in the road tests, is over 50% more than the "base" price. So it confirms the extra equipment is terribly expensive, or either the test cars are loaded with the most expensive stuff like leather interior, iDire etc.

Sport, BMW 120i and Mercedes A200 !!
09-30-2004, 09:42 AM
A new autocar "shootout" found A-class the beat both Audi A3 FSI and BMW One!
Despite 120i superior handling (it wasn't even Sport model!) and steering, they liked A's supreme ride and giant cabin so much that it actually won!

09-30-2004, 02:36 PM
Tests in general automotive press allways favour all-rounders. 1er is not a kind-of-family car like A-class and A3 Sportback.

BMW said it targeted single people without children. So those prospects don't need spacious cabin.

Unlike MB and Audi targeted young couples with A-class and A3 Sportback.

Different product strategies. Automotive journalists ignore that and compare apples with oranges. The think: oh, similar size and similar price = same class. Guys, we are in 21st century - there are many niches even within same classes.

Look at MINI - it is in the same class like VW Polo, but it is totally separate niche and target different kind of customers.

If you want a sporty hatchback, then you'll buy 1-series. Like someone will buy A-class / A3 sportback, if he wants tiny minivan / small wagon.

and Mercedes A200 petrol tested
10-04-2004, 01:04 PM
Yet again testers placed A-class ahead of the One:
A-class was the lightest car here and had the largest engine, but also by far the slowest and worst handling with least grip and even the worst steering and brakes. It also suffered from excessive roll and understeer. Despite these flaws, A had best luggage space and equipment kit. Opel the fastest but very thirsty! BMW had best steering (all others had electronic steering), sporty handling and the only One availabe with RWD, but most expensive and least roomy. Golf, pretty competent in nearly everything but lacks character and is too dull for some and also less sporty than BMW and Opel.

Final verdict: 1=Golf FSI 2=Astra Turbo 3=A200 4=1-serie

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