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papajimmm nh no e23's
10-01-2004, 07:33 AM
any of the following??
and does anybody that is going need any of the following ;
left or right front fender (black)
aftermarket right fender (new)
US f and/or R bumpers (no mounts)
Euro front bumper with mounts (fair to good)(picture still on fleabay item 7919573831(closed items)))
front valance not near perfect think crack small break
cloth seats fair ship
hood/trunk (white)
used exhaust( early model)
black door panels trim etc (79 euro)
cylinder head (not sure what from but can find # if req)
early (pre 82?) hvac controls and speedo clusters also on fleabay closed items(7917974505---7917973950--7917972207--7917971504--)
did I say FREE
might also try to get out to bavauto on Sunday but only for an hour or so..

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