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10-18-2004, 11:36 AM
Below are sample emails we've received from sellers and/or buyers in our classified system. There are a number of different examples of fraud but the most common on the internet pertaining to selling goods is for the buyer to send you too much money and then ask you to return the difference. This is always a scam. Don't get involved.

10-18-2004, 11:37 AM
From: madida dube

Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2004 8:21 AM

Subject: ***528i FOR SALE*** info request from

Dear owner,
Good day to you. We are agents that deals in buying cars,bikes and boat for numerous customers. I have a client interested in buying your advertised car on roadfly for the sum of $20,300.and we would want to see the most recent picture of it,please what is the presend condition.I would want you to also know that you would be paying with a certified cashiers cheque Please if you are interested in selling do send me a mail and I will arange the payment.
For your information we are based in South Africa and so is my client

10-18-2004, 11:55 AM
Unfortunately, I think that I have received to bogus offers. They both
seem to be scams regarding overage payements drawn on foreign banks.
Here are the messages that I have received:

"Happy to hear from you and thanks for the information for the check
payment to be sent to you.I would have love to conclude on phone but my
cell is having a slight problem. The payment will get to you in
certified US bank check of $12,000 within some days .So you are required
to deduct cost of your car $5,000, as soon as check clear in your bank
account kindly refund balance of $7000 to the shipping company via
western union money transfer for them to be able to offset shipping
charges and to clear my goods in south korea . shipping company will
arrive immediately for the pick up and drive to a prepaid shipper and
the car shipped to me while title papers and other necessary documets
will be handed over to shipper at the time of pick up.

Please Confirm this and provide Name to be on check, Home or office
address and Phone Number, check payment to be delivered to you via
courier service."

Sincerely Yours,


"We've just finalized payment issues with our client this evening for
the vehicle and he has informed us that he is expecting a refund payment
of a vehicle that he had earlier ordered and paid for about a month ago
but the order was later cancelled, because when the agent went to pick
up the vehicle, he inspected the order and discovered that the vehicle
was not in any good condition,so the order was cancelled and then he
filed in for a refund of his money. My customer now intends to use his
refund to pay for this your vehicle that he now wants to buy. Due to
company policy and book keeping,this refund payment which he is
expecting, can only be made out in this one whole amount, that is the
full amount which he paid before,because the company policy only allows
a refund payment in one cashier check, so he has to instruct for the
check payment to be drawn to you.So he has informed me that payment will
get to you in a cashier check.He is expecting a refund payment of
$12,700.00USD,so when the payment gets to you,you are required to deduct
the cost of your vehicle which is $5,400.00USD and return the remaining
balance of $7,300.00USD back to our client for him to be able to offset
shipping charges,tax and other commission charges.After all payment has
reached you and balance sent back to our client, the agent will come for
pick up, while you send other the receipt and other title papers to our
client via courier. You are required to forward your payment information
(1)Name,(2)Address and(3)Phone number for payment to be made to you
immediately.Take care and remain blessed.Make sure that the address is
correct to avoid the fund entering in any wrong hand.We will give you a
call but that should be when the shippers must have started coming for
the pickup for you to direct them on how they are going to reach
you.Please one more thing you are required to remove the ads of the
vehicle in the web.Awaiting to hear from you so that we will finalize
everything about this transaction.

10-18-2004, 12:19 PM
Please be on the look-out for fake e-mails that appear to have come from Roadfly. An example of one looks like this:

<font face="courier" size="2">
Hello user of e-mail server,

Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your account information.

Pay attention on attached file.

For security reasons attached file is password protected. The password is "13545".

The team

<b>Roadfly WILL NEVER send you ANY attachment, nor will we request you to provide password information.</b>

<b><font color="#FF0000">Please delete these messages without opening the attachment.</font></b>

Also note: There are a lot of viruses and worms that send huge volumes of virus-laden messages, with the "from" address spoofed. Sometimes these messages will appear to come from Roadfly addresses. <b>Please delete these without opening the attachment</b>, and if you are running Microsoft software, be sure to keep your virus protection services current.

10-18-2004, 12:27 PM
Please be on the lookout for any scam e-mails from SunTrust, CitiBank, PayPal or other financial institutions. Typically, these messages look fairly "official" and contain a link that may appear to be legitimate. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS and DO NOT SUPPLY ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE VIA E-MAIL.

Here's a sample of one of the SunTrust e-mails. It's a fake. Delete it immediately.

<img src="">

There are similar messages floating around with Citi or PayPal logos. They're fake as well.

10-18-2004, 12:41 PM
<b>Deal that is too good to be true.</b>

We've had problems recently with people listing items for sale in the classifieds that are simply too good to be true. Like a new, Valentine1 radar detector for $150. Or a set of Angel Eye headlights for $350. Typically, the seller is from a foreign country (but not always), and the e-mail exchange goes something like this (see below - start at bottom and work your way up):

Subject: Re: Per fraud alert on M3SAMSAM
Date: June 23, 2004 2:33:30 PM CDT

Will do, thanks for posting the fraud alert.
(username removed by Roadfly to protect identity)

--- Roadfly Administrator <> wrote:

Thanks for the info. If you see any ads like this in the future,
please forward them to us so that we can work to try and catch him.


--- On Jun 23, 2004, at 2:26 PM, xxx wrote:

Note: forwarded message attached.

This guy almost had me, here is my correspondence
with him, hope it helps you catch this dishonest punk.

Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Mail - 50x more storage than other providers!

From: "Sam Shive" <>
Date: June 23, 2004 12:01:36 PM CDT
To: "xxx" <>
Subject: Re: ***QUESTION RE: YOUR CLASSIFIED LISTING*** info request from

It came ot og a 2000 528i. I am not selling anything else. Please send the money as soon as you can so I can ship it out to u faster. thanks

----- Original Message -----
From: "xxx" <>
To: "Sam Shive" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 7:34 AM
Subject: Re: ***QUESTION RE: YOUR CLASSIFIED LISTING*** info request from

I am still waiting on the $$ to go through. Can you tell what year and model BMW the lights came out of?

Also I noticed you pulled the ad from roadfly, do you have anything other accessories that you are selling, such as the updated rear lights.

(username removed to protect identity.)

--- Sam Shive <> wrote:
Here are the pictures. Yes theses will fit prefectly without any mods, its plug and play. If you are interested please send me your full address and send payment to my paypal account which is:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Roadfly User" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 8:33 AM
Subject: ***QUESTION RE: YOUR CLASSIFIED LISTING*** info request from

Please tell me more about your *** 528 540 M5 Angel Eye Headlight Classified Listing ***

Could you send the pics for the lights please. I have a 1998 528i, from your description it sounds like it might be a perfect fit without any mods needed.
(username removed to protect identity)

Do you Yahoo!?
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ATTACHMENT part 2 image/jpeg name=43_1_b.jpg

ATTACHMENT part 3 image/jpeg name=97_1.jpg

10-28-2004, 11:42 AM
LOLOL.....without exaggeration I have been receiving similiar offers from Nigeria for the past 40 years. Of course, the earlier ones came via mail.....par avion....they must work with someone since they seem to be never ending.

David B Earl
11-29-2006, 12:44 PM
SunTrust Bank robbs Father after son robbs him

last jan i left the country to Marrie my girfriend and my son took my card that had my id pen for i am disabled and ran up charges that there was no money in the bank to cover, I reported to police when i returned and found out. and the bank charged me outragus fees. i had no money for months from ssi disaility for the bank kept all the SSI $ sent to that account and charged me for not haveing money in the bank because they took to cover his theifts. I was told if i prosicuted him i would not be liable, but nothing ever happen. I am dicusted with Suntrust to cause such outrageuos harm to me that had allready been a vicim of crime the bank robbed me of as much money and more as my son spent when there was no money in the bank over a 1,000 more dollars . when i went to the bank at one occation the woman there smiled at me like the whole thing was funny. Well i diid not think so. i can not help that my child was such a thief but to spend what i do not have i the bank there was only $50.00 in that account at the time. i can not understand. and to keep charging me and takeing $ that is what i did not have. they kept my disabilty $ and my sons for months while i had noything to pay my bills with or money to buy anything to eat. and i keep them imformed of this. i have not recovered from this time to now. the police could not find my son for 6 months till i found him and has done nothing to him. The secutary at the bank said to me many times if i procicute, my money will be refunded. This has not happened . I think your bank is a bigger theif than my son. i have all the papers from this ordeal and will be pupishing to the wen under search of your banks name. Suntrust. I am disaabled an live on very little and you ppl did not care or work with me in any way. I almost ended up homeless and did not have a decent meal for months, i lived on peanut butter and cream of wheat. Damm you ppl you are not human at Suntrust, i have yet to recover finacially from this.

David B Earl
United States

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