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10-23-2004, 05:45 PM
In next 6-8 mos I am considering ordering an M3 cabriolet and selling my 2003 330Cic w/Sport Pkg/18"wheels, etc.....I am looking for more of a "sport" feeling, as well as more "get-up-&-go from my car. (Is having my 330Cic "Dinan-ized" a worthwhile option to consider vs. buying the M3?)

Are there issues with M3's, vs. my 33oCic,that I should be aware of?

Also, in light of where BMW design is headed, I am looking at keeping either my 330Cic, or the M3 cab for a long, long either the 3.0 in-line 6 I now have, or the 3.2 in-line 6 of the M3 preferable for the long run....I will probably never put more than 7-8k a year on the 3/M3 as my current 3 never sees the snow, and I also have other cars/truck that I use.

Any guidance that you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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