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Mike Powers
10-26-2004, 03:58 PM
Hi Folks,

I am sure that you would be interested to know the existance of the E Type Owners List. It is a privately run endeavor intended for the benefit of owners of the E Type. It is a non-commercial list and is free to all. I was able to answer 4 questions yesterday with information on the list.
I have been absent from this site for a number of years as I was previously swamped with more mail than I could read. The format is now more to my likeing and I am again posting to this list.
You are encouraged to add your car to the list. It is in the Excel format. You can sort it by country, state and city to find others near you.
All that is need is to reply to me at with the information provided in the fields of the spreadsheet as completely as you are able to accomplish. Do not give me any other information you expect to be posted as I will not be changing the format. It is FREE service ofourse.
If you do not want your name and E Mail published on the list just let me know. Information about the car is paramont. The list was originally conceived as a Social List however and most entries contain names and some current E Mail addresses and telephone numbers. You can connect directly from the list as it is interactive.
There are over 3500 E Types listed with various amounts of information. It is located at Please feel free to ask me any questions or for assistance as sometimes non -original engines and gearbox cause difficulties. Enjoy!

Cheers, Mike Powers
Glendale, AZ / Federal Way, WA
73 OTS
67 2+2 W.I.P.

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