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10-29-2004, 03:09 AM
About 70,000 miles, dark blue (wife's favorite color) black leather, very clean inside. Car will be wife's to replace '88 BMW 735i, a car I got from a pal, with a lengthy list of needs, almost all of which I've conquered.

1. We noticed the car ran a little above 9 oclock on the gage, and I saw the fan freewheeling when stopped... looks like it needs a new fan clutch. My usual internet sources show this item much more expensive than the bimmer ('88 735 and '83 533) parts, ditto a water pump and radiator. So question 1, what are the reasonably priced internet sources for common parts? I have used eurowebparts and before.

2. Dash light says coolant level low, owner says only the sensor. Ouch another expensive common part.

3. Drip of ATF from right front, I want to suspect a loose hose connection but fear that the rad may be bad. Bimmers with plastic radiator tanks like to lose the return hose; do the MBs have weak radiators? I am not partial to the opinion held by some that rad is a five-year replacement part. 'Specially at 300 per.

So let's hear some opinions... the seller is known not to be trusted, but we're thinking of buying the car, not him, and an independent shop will check the car tomorrow.

10-29-2004, 08:14 PM
Mechanic got the car on a lift. At 70k, it needs:

head gasket - leaking oil all over everything
motor mounts
trans mounts
fan clutch
coolant level sensor
front flex disc
third brake light lens cracked

Car has been repainted. It looks nice but who knows what paint? Some orange peel if you look closely.

All in all, a $10,000 car that needs $3000 of work. Apparently the head gasket won't leak compression, but it won't stop leaking oil either. Seller not willing to compromise. Wife disappointed. We're out $68.

I guess the '88 735i will run a while yet for us.

11-05-2004, 05:29 PM

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