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11-12-2004, 10:35 PM
eBay pulled from thier site. It was a 2003 MCS with all sorts of mods with low miles. Come to find out he's in the UK with an eBay account in Canada and he's in the US Listen to this i thought hey sounds like a deal so I'll ask some questions.

I asked "Why so cheap for this car? I would love to purchase it after seeing it in person. I could give a small deposit on it. Can I get the vin number for a carfax. Is the title clear of leins? Would you accept an escrow if I cannot see the car? Is it easy to register a Canadian car in the US. It is in Canada right?"

<From him>

For the moment I cannot accept having my money and merchandise stucked to
third parties for almost 2 weeks. At this prices I am literally overhelmed
by the number of offers I have received in the last hour so please let me
know if you are still interested.This is how we can make this deal
happen.When I left the US I deposited 25000 USD at Ebay.I did this because
it is very difficult to deal with eBayers and make them feel safe when a
long distance is involved.So if anything goes wrong with our deal,even if I
doubt it will,you will get a full refund from the deposit I mentioned.Just
let me know if you are interested and I will notify EBAY about our deal and
they will contact you with the terms.Waiting for your e-mail ASAP


From: me
To: paul a <>

I am interested in it. But I hope you undertand my skepticism. I get
e-mails all the time that are too good to be true. And I really am a MINI
fan. I do understand your dilemma I guess and would love to take part in
this. I am just curious if you would be willing to accept payment through
an escrow service? $6500 or whatever is alot of cash.

(from him)
paul a <> wrote:Hi,

I am glad to hear that you are interested about my car.The car is in
conditions without any scratches,damages or other mechanical problems.I
ship the car via LUFTHANSA AIRPLANE CARGO Service on my expence.The car has
a Clear Title wich you will receive it with the car.It can be registerd
your name.He will receive the TITLE,keys,owner manual...,the car has no
finance outstanding and is clear with certificate.I bought this car from US
so has US emissions and is still registered there.Im in the U.S.Army
(lieutenant), and here in base on United Kingdom, i have here a mission for
2 years.So i want to sell my car because here in UK most cars have steering
wheel on right side and is very dificullt to drive this amazing car.I took
care of it like it was my own baby and now is in the same condition as it
was when I bought it - even better! I hope you understand this situation.I
want to take this opportunity to assure you that this deal is 100%
legitimate.This deal will happen through EBAY. So if you really want it
please give me an email as soon as possible.

Thank you!

eBay Buyer
11-19-2008, 04:14 PM
I Purchased a car using eBay and it turned out that this 2007 Car should not be on the road and has a 3 page list of faults so I started to look at the seller of this car and soon discovered he was in fact a car dealer and had been kicked off eBay several times after a couple of the members complained about him.

Since I have consumer rights I contacted eBay to ask for contact details and what I got back was half an address and a telephone number registered to an hospital. I asked eBay for more information so I could take civil actions but they did not reply. Other people contacted me and told me that this particular trader has had several accounts closed down already and they to would like to contact him.

It seems to me that eBay are only concerned with getting paid and you can bet payment for the advert of the car I brought got paid no trouble.

Since eBay wonít protect buyers I decided to write a program that list all the cars the seller has sold in the past along with technical details for each car and in some case it provides an average selling price. See

Later I will be publishing a list of sellers on the internet who are not registers as a business and are selling several cars a month with links to cars they have sold in the past in an effort to get eBay to protect buyers and ensure they donít hide behind the data protection act when asked to provide details and to pass on more information so that fraudsters can be tracked down.

eBay are quite able to stop this practice and all they need to do is write a bit of SQL like
Select Count(*) from Sales Where Count>5 and ItemCategory =Car AND AccountType=íPrivateí

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