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Don French
12-25-2004, 10:57 PM
Saw a thread that the "SRX drops like a rock in depreciation". Maybe so, but Cadillacs historically lose more vlaue that other makes the first 2 years; after that they are fine. Trick is to be smart enough to take advantages of discounts/incentives to minimize the risk; for example I paid $32,500 for my '04 V8 SRX AWD that was 4 months old with 10K miles on it; dealer owner's personal car. List was $49,190; invoice without discounts $43,256. The car had a an employee buy price of $36,733, plus a Ryder Cup Golf Classic discount of $2424, and a non-published year-end incentive to the dealer from GM of probably a couple grand. Basically, the president of the dealership drove it for free and sold it near wholesale to get him into his next car, since the 04's are hard to move - they wont lease well. For someone who plans to keep a car with mostly business use for 4-5 years, consider a purchase, otherwise go lease a new one for $650-$700 per month for 3 years. In addition to a lower cost per mile , an advantage of buying a used one now is that the IRS business depreciation of $25,000 for an SUV with a GVW over 6000 lbs ends Dec 31, 2004. The V8 AWD version is perfect at 6008 lbs. Attractive write off this year; the math works. Compare that to the imports that won't meet the standard. (By the way, I own a handful of Mercedes-Benz's so no overall bias against imports intended)

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