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Mert Sevin
01-18-2005, 03:34 PM
Hi guys,

Ihave a serious problem with my 1995 C200 (W202).
I bought this car last year in march (at 123000km.). 2 months later the problem firstly starts.
Mostly in cold weathers engines starts but will not keep running or engine starts but when I make the gear (automatic gear) to "DRIVE" position engine again stops.

In mechanical service they said that my cars Siemens pms system (can be identified by two rectangular connectors on top of ECU (opposite metal base plate) and vacuum hose attachment) was broken. So I changed it with new one. But my problem never ended. Then my mechanic changes the part which is controlled by Siemens pms system, that part arrenges the gas a mounth ( I don't know the English name of that part, In Turkey mechanics calls different names to some parts of engine from English names). But nothing changes. So I take back my old gas arrenger part.
And lastly in last days again in cold weathers my engine didn't starts I am trying may be 30 times then it starts .

Please recommend me something about my problem I am so desperate . No one helps me.

Best Regards


01-19-2005, 12:53 PM
1. Fuel Pump or the Fuel pump Fuse/Relay.
2. Throttle position Sensor.
3. Cam Position Sensor.
4. Wiring Harness.

Sorry to be vague but I am not familier with C200 as I have a C230 (US Model).

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