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02-14-2005, 05:43 PM
I am trying to figure out if Bluetooth is an available option on a 2005 XJR. My dealer does not seem knowledgeable.

I know they have it for the X-Type. Will that one work in the XJR?

02-15-2005, 09:23 AM
I don't know the definitive answer to your question. I've also heard of some UK X-Type owners talking of factory bluetooth working with a select list of bluetooth phones. I suspect the option might be offered only in select geographic markets, or by more enterprising dealers.

I just checked the Jag Canada web site and I see no reference to bluetooth for the 05 X or XJ models. It wouldn't surprise me that Jag (like a few other car makers) has generally retreated from offering any type of official phone integration. JD Powers 90 day reliability scores matter too much to car makers like Jag these days, and I know phone integrations were accounting for way too many problems. When I bought my 04 VDP, the salesman was quick to make sure I did not consider the $5,000CDN phone option, and in speaking to the sales manager, I learned that it took them a frustrating several weeks working with Jag and Motorola to get the "factory phone" option working in another customers car.

However, if you search the various roadfly jag formus, you'll find a couple threads where owners have documented how they integrated bluetooth systems on their own. It's by no means a total integration, but it doesn't sound like it's any less than what Jag is offering UK X-Type owners.

02-15-2005, 04:50 PM
Thanks for the info. I am in the United States.

What confuses me is that Jag offers a "bluetooth prewire" on the X-Type (http://*******.com/6lqx8), but there is no mention of bluetooth on the XJ8/XJR.

02-15-2005, 04:52 PM
whoops, wrong link:

X-Type features: http://*******.com/4ubb5
XJR features: http://*******.com/6lqx8

02-16-2005, 08:33 AM
There's a current thread on the X-Type board in respect to Bluetooth that you may wish to check out. Specifically:

would seem to suggest that the X-Type "factory Bluetooth" is a tacked on after thought, and not overly well or completely integrated. A bandaid solution like that my seem less out of place on the X-Type, but would stick out like sore thumb on an otherwise great X350, and thus generate a lot of complaints and negative press which Jag doesn't need. One can only hope that Jag is working on a better solution the the X350/

As I mentioned previously, depending upon the level of integration you seek, you'll find people who've documented how they have done as well or better that Jag with the X-Type if you search on the XJ8/XJR and the XK8/XKR boards.

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