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02-14-2005, 07:13 PM
Many thanks to all of you who entered our 2005 Valentine's Day "Cupid Wears A Crash Helmet" Pocket Bike Contest, sponsored by <a href="" target="_new">Bekkers Imports</a>. We had more than 1200 entries, and are pleased to announce that the lucky winner of a super cool pocket bike from <a href="" target="_new">Bekkers Imports</a> and Roadfly is:

<b>Mike Fogarty of Oregon</b>

Mike will soon take delivery of his very own Pocket Bike, and we're hoping that he'll chime in to let us know how it rides, handles and looks! With any luck, he'll post a picture or two. :-)

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and a huge round of thanks to all of the good folks at <a href="" target="_new">Bekkers Imports</a>. Be sure to contact Bekkers for any of your BMW or Mercedes needs - they've got great selections, great prices and offer great customer service.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and congrats, once again to Mike Fogarty!

Stay tuned for our next contest... it should be coming within a few weeks.

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