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02-18-2005, 12:13 PM

New member here (longtime lurker). Wife is pregnant, and due in late March (its a girl!). I have just got our E30 convertible w/hardtop in great shape--and am feeling guilty about wanting to hang on to it.

Not practical with kids. Not fuel efficient. Expensive to fix. Beautiful and fun (101k, new everything). The infant seat fits in there, but it's awkward. My wife has taken to calling the car "the princess," as in "the princess gets what the princess wants."

My big question is, all things being equal, will the w123 beat out the e30 in reliability and long term cost? I don't really do my own work, but we have great shops in the Bay Area.

I have located a beautiful w123 wagon (description and pic below)

1984 TD wagon with 3rd seat 2nd owner of this California only car with 265k miles and rustfree. All records from new including sticker ( Owned by a Mercedes diesel fanatic who owns 2 more diesels and this must go. Metallic blue with dark blue vinyl interior, roof racks. Suspension rebuilt last year (upper control arms,lower ball joints,idler arm bushing,tie-rod ends,drag link, torsion bar bushings, rear sub-frame mounts, brake strut shocks, etc.) for over $1500 using factory parts (not after market).New AC compressor & receiver dryer ($1,000),new blower($200),new rotors & pads front/rear ($1,000), steering lock ($400). Rebuilt alternator, vacuum pump, hydraulic pump and valve. Oil changed every 3k miles using Chevron Delo. Everything works (cruise control, AC, radio, central locking, front/rear wipers & defrost, power windows, antenna). No tear on interior and original carpet is clean and without damage.
Known flaws: Paint clear coat faded on rear trunk lid and hood and dash has some cracks.

Thoughts from parents?

02-22-2005, 12:52 PM
looks good - how much are they asking $$$$ ?

have you roadtested it ?

be sure to feel the automatic trans shifting

feel the full power boost

watch for excessive amounts of exhaust smoking on COLD start-up

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