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02-22-2005, 01:19 PM
Just a month ago I told the world how "I love my car" - well, the wind has changed. A week after replacing the old radiator, which leaked and just 20 miles after an oil change I find myself sitting in the car trying to get it started after two days of heavy rain (car was sitting outside for the first time in years). First it runs rough for 10 seconds then it dies. I had no indication that the glow plugs needed change but I did it anyways (old ones show the usual wear). A new relay came next. All fuses look alright but I am at the end of my knowledge. Oh, and yes, I tried jumping the car without luck. The starter motor turns but the engine won't fire. As usual I NEED HELP!!!!!

03-17-2005, 09:03 AM
fuel system next :
replace the strainer in the bottom of the tank - up next the the rear diff

replace the inline see thru fuel filter next to the hand pump/injection pump

replace the main fuel filter canister

drain the crap fuel and start with fresh tankfull
add REDLINE 85Plus fuel additive now and a few oz's every time you add fuel to the tank for the rest of the car's life

how's the air filter look ? huge mouse nest in there ???

has anyone molested the injection pump timing ?? , what's the service history of this motor ?

Valve Clearance is VERY IMPORTANT TO good
cold starting !

It's all about the basics.

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