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Mike Harsany
03-03-2005, 06:45 PM
I have tried to do some homework on Zaino products (waxes, rubs, washes)and have found nothing but icredibly great results. Anyone know anything about Zaino thats good bad or in different??


04-05-2005, 11:37 AM
I think Zaino stuff is AWESEOME. Been using only briefly but was introduced to it by a serious car buff. I used it on my Porsche and it is great stuff. Water just runs off. It is easy to apply and provides a very nice coat. these are huge factors for me....ease of use and long lasting protection. Zaino even claims you can apply it in direct sunlight (i would not recommend)

04-07-2005, 01:05 AM
site. I started using Zaino on my BMW, 911, and SUV a couple years ago. Can be a little intense at first (read: overwhelming), but is easy to work with, the stuff works awesome and LASTS. They've nailed the chemistry and it bonds tightly to your clear coat. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you are willing to spend a day going thru the dawn wash/clay/SMR/GEPC/Z process. ~John

1998 528i Sport, Shadowline, Tech Trim, M5 Aftermarkets, M-Tech Front End, Dave Z Drilled CDV, CELIS taillights, Angel Eyes, cross-drilled rotors, PPI Powered Amps, JL Audio 10" sub, JL Audio XR525 speakers, Debadged, TEC Cupholder, 19 coats of Zaino, and the handprints of a 4 yr old permanently emblazoned on the rear quarter window.

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