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03-15-2005, 02:42 PM
We've completed a major overhaul of the Inner Circle Membership database, and despite our best efforts to double and triple check everything, there are some members that may have accidentally been negatively affected by the changes.

We overhauled the database; we've cleaned-up old data, old information, and completed all cancellation requests. Unfortunately, we may have accidentally cancelled a few accounts that shouldn't have been cancelled. If you believe your account was incorrectly cancelled, please e-mail us at, and be sure to include: your username, your membership number and contact information, so we can check into the problem.

If you didn't specifically request cancellation but your online membership accout status is showing as "Basic", please verify that:

We have a valid credit card number with valid expiration date on file for the auto renewal of your IC membership. If you're not sure you can update your credit card info by following the update link on this page:

We have valid contact information for you on file, including full name, street address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address. We are emailing a copy of this note to your email address on file. If you don't get the email that probably means we don't have your correct email address. Please email us the correct email address at

You didn't write to us to request cancellation

You don't have multiple Roadfly user accounts and you aren't logged into your "Basic" account as opposed to your "Inner Circle" account.

To check the status of your membership, please login to your account by visiting this link:

You'll see a Membership Status designation of "Basic..." or "Inner Circle..."

If you're a valid Inner Circle Member, your status will be indicated on the membership page - it should say something like "Inner Circle member since 1970 - 03-18." where the date is the date when you first became an Inner Circle member.

Due to the fact that we may have made mistakes accounts which reverted to Basic status have not been purged from the email and members server yet. In the event that we made a mistake, no worries - all of your web space and email services are safe. We will however purge canceled Inner Circle accounts from the members and email servers in a few days. If you did in fact cancel your membership you'll want to remove all your files and email from the members and email server.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to upgrade and update the membership services.

From everyone at Roadfly, thanks!

Coming Soon! Now onto the fun and exciting stuff. We have two very exciting new features which we'll be adding for Inner Circle members in the coming weeks.

1. We are adding a new, much easier and friendly image storage solution. The new Inner Circle photo gallery service will allow you to easily create folders of images, mark images as private, public, etc. It'll even allow you to resize and rotate your images.

2. We are also adding BLOG software for Inner Circle members. No more having to worry about HTML to make your personal Web site. Just starting writing away, making links, etc and you'll have your own super-easy to use Web Log published for all to read. Display your pictures, car upgrade notes, car stories, etc. in an easy to manage and easy to share fashion.

Both of these features are pretty much ready to go, so stay tuned. We'll email you and make a message forum post as soon as the features are live!

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