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03-27-2005, 03:26 AM
I'm having a problem with my front brakes. The discs are prone to rusting and even as early as 2-3 hours after washing the wheels, there would be a light coat of rust on the discs (I've changed them 3 times with original mercedes parts, same problem) and then when i take the car out and use the brakes , the is a slight juddering from the brakes as if they are warped ! It gets better with continuous use but there will always be a slight juddering. The mechanic has taken out the discs and polished them (not skimming them) and also the brake pads (he mentioned that there was rust residue on them) and the car braked fine after. Then after another few days , the problem re occured.

Does anyone else experience this ? Is it a brake caliper problem or a pad problem or a disc problem ? am thinking to upgrade to the C32 AMG brake kit if it is a caliper problem ....

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