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03-28-2005, 12:06 AM
I wanted to clean the old oil/ grease off the air filter cover today and rinsed with the hose, without disconecting the battery. Now it seems I'vs shorted out a few things. The windows, turn signals, dash lights, w/s washers..(not sure if I missed anything) I changed the fuse for the windows & it worked 1X down and up and stopped working again. The fuses are not shorted. Anyone have an idea what I did? Before taking to the mechanic....

03-28-2005, 08:36 AM
...repeat this procedure:

first off, remove the NEG. BATT cable from the batt to prevent (!)

remove all the fuses, and wire brush or brass-wool all the metal fingers that grip the fuses, install all new fuses in the correct AMP rating, pre-bend the fingers and rotate the new fuses till your sure of good tight fit.

re-install the NEG BATT cable to the battery.
it's quite common with this style of fuse to
clean the oxidation routinely. If you spray the fuse contact points with a product like WURTH Contact Oil - that will prevent oxidation

here are two links to WURTH products:

use this WURTH Contact Oil on all the connections in the car - lift up your window switches and after spraying the pins and plug female connectors, plug & unplug many times till you have a clean contact of all the pins . this goes for all electrical components in your vintage TD - great car - preserve it well.

Creighton Demarest

Your car should take a pressure hosing without problems.
'Our' major service back in-the-day included a motor wash
and re-lubing of all throttle linkage piviots and ball sockets afterwords. Re visit all the fuses again, look at the junction
block of heavy wires on the right inner fender near the air cleaner - remove each of those wires and shine up the connector ends and tighten well.

03-28-2005, 11:25 AM
sounds like a party......

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