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04-04-2005, 02:42 PM
I am looking at an '83 300TD for sale in my area. It has 375,000 miles on it and he is asking $800. I didn't get to hear it from a cold start, it was only driven 120 miles in the past year and he jumped it before I got there. It seemed to run well, didn't smoke too much, and started quickly. I only drove it around the block since it wasn't inspected, but it seemed to drive pretty well, the first shift was pretty slow but seemed to smooth out the more it was driven. The car didn't seem to have any power at all, but I have never driven another one in comparison. There was a little rust around the rear wheel well and the paint is fading (few year old Maaco job). Interior is decent, looks pretty worn but not bad considering the mileage.
I am basically looking to use this car as a beater, drive it to work, store, etc so my new car doesn't get dinged up. Also, I plan to run it on biodiesel since my brother recently started making it and I can get it for around 65 cents a gallon. I've heard the older Mercedes run well on biodiesel.. is this true? Is $800 a pretty good deal for this car considering the mileage and are there any thing I should look for that would make it not worth it? Any info is appreciate.

04-06-2005, 07:47 PM
for $800 - and it is safe to register, passes your State inspection, and it can be driven right away, BUY IT.

BUT IF RUST BOTHERS YOU, steering not quite tight or straight enough for you, tires border line, brakes weak, paint to crusty, interior to wet and musty, to many things broken or just in need of alittle something - then your not ready for a project. ANY CAR THIS AGE is not a new car and requires large amounts of money, time, energy, dry storage space, and did I say $$$$$$$$$$ ?.
Time to wake up from your dream , open your eyes now

Great car though - keep them running

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