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  • 06-15-2005, 01:56 PM

    Re: New to BMW's and hello.

    There's a company in California called Just Dashes that is well regarded in the enthusiast community. The will repair your dash by removing all the vinyl, repairing the underlying structure and then recovering the dash with vacuum formed vinyl. It's not a cheap option, but the dash is literally new when it's done. For a car that has had such good care as yours, it might be worth it.

  • 06-13-2005, 08:05 PM

    Re: New to BMW's and hello.

    welcome mark,

    these E3's are wonderful cars. a 72 bavaria (as they were coined here in the US) has owned me for the last 8 years and consequently got me into bmw's.

    as far as replacement dashboards, there is this place called "walloth and nesch" in germany that sells/stocks many-O-bmw NOS parts. do a search and check out there website.

    also, check out the american website there are other websites that are located in europe as well, so again, do a search. there isn't much action here at roadfly with E3 content, but i know that there are lists in europe.

    i'm in a photo mood, so i might as well show off my E3. ;)


  • 06-12-2005, 03:15 AM

    New to BMW's and hello.

    Hello, I'm new to BMW's, and this forum, so I thought I would start by saying hello.

    Hello. ;)

    I have mainly been into small British sports cars, but a forlorn '74 BMW 3.0s in one of my customers garage cought my eye, and I thought a 4 door car with a roof would be an interesting change of pace.
    I struck a deal with him, so now it is mine.

    The same person owned and drove the car from when it was new untill 2000 when he had to park it for the last time due to failing eyesight from macular degeneration. It has lived nights in a garage for all of its 31 years, and has no rust anywhere on it. I'm a vetern of ferriting out rust on British cars, so I'm confedent I would have found any that was there.
    The origonal color was garnet red, but it has been resprayed in a color I can only describe as "old man brown" because only an old man would have a car painted that color, lol. No offense intended to any old men that frequent this forum. ;)

    I havn't had any trouble locating the parts I need to get it on the road again. Just doing all the belts, hoses, hydrolics, tires and suspension bushings.
    The leather seats are in decent shape, a bit dried from the car sitting all closed up, but some Hide Food, some dye for one small section on the drivers seet and repairing a small tear in the back seat will make them nice again. At least untill I decide to redo the padding.

    The rest of the interior is in great shape, just needs a good claning. The exeption being the dashboard. 31 years of Texas sun during the times it wasn't in the garage has done its worst to the dashboard.

    I have some experience with repairing dashboards, but usually the vynal repairs don't last but a few years, even after painting the whole thing with vynal paint.

    Is there a source for replacement dashboards, or dashboard caps for this car?
    I hate those soft covers made of carpet.

    Thanks for any replies.

    Mark BeiserThe early bird may get the worm, but it is the second mouse that gets the cheese!

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