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  • 04-20-2010, 06:51 PM

    Re: I would think about the aluminum trim again.

    does anyone know where i can get carbon fiber or aluminum interior trim for the 2008 M5?

  • 11-16-2005, 12:33 PM
    Mr. Mr.

    I know what you mean

    about brand loyalty. The last 4 cars I bought all bimmers and the last two bikes as well. I have a television from Germany painted with BMW paint (that's not why I bought it, but my ears did perk up when I heard that)!

    You sound like a fast driver. Being a fast driver myself, I can honestly say that I would never want an SUV to replace a sedan. I got an X5 for the Mrs. last year. Car is great, but it just feels a bit wrong driving it hard compared to our 3 or 7 sport. The supercharged Rover is nice, but you had better keep something very sporty in the stable beside it.

    I'll be down in Miami over the holidays and for the winter music conference. You would not wan't to be in an M5 going from downtown to south beach during the music conference!

    Good luck,
  • 11-15-2005, 04:49 PM

    Re: Cool

    Thanks for the bits of advice. To be honest, the Maserattis never really thrilled me. The convertibles look tiny and there’s just something “funky” about the Quattroporte (as if no one ever said that about my 7!)

    I actually saw the new Aston Martin V8 at the Auto Show last week here in Miami… and it’s a very nice looking car BUT isn’t it only about 380 hp? That’s more than a 100 hp drop from the current 493 hp of the SL55 that it would replace. But then again, the 0-60 for the M5 is supposed to be 4.5 seconds, the SL55 is also 4.5 seconds… and the new V8 Aston Martin is said to be 4.9 seconds… which isn’t bad. Also do we know what the price going to be on it? Granted, I love the V-12 Vanquish… but it’s priced a bit on the steep side for my pockets right now.

    In terms of concerns about the SMG when driving in traffic… I have to admit that I’m a bit lucky. I live in the heart of South Beach here in Miami and my office is 9 blocks away… so I rarely end up on the highway in traffic or even in downtown Miami for that matter… unless I’m going to an event or out for the evening.

    At 6’6”… I’m not sure what to tell you about a replacement that will fit. I’m 6’3” and that’s partly why I got my 7 as well… for the room, but there are times I feel lost in it! I was considering a new Range Rover (supercharged)… I think it’s one of the best SUV’s out there (and the design is definitely BMW, although the engine no longer is…) BUT in the end, I felt guilty not getting another beemer… talk about brand loyalty!
  • 11-15-2005, 01:28 PM
    Mr. Mr.


    Hey Paul,

    Your response was refreshing. I was 27 when I got my 740i 4 years ago. Friends made comments about the car not being youthful enough, but the i sport, if you haven't had any experience with it, feels more like a 540i than a 740il and is quicker to 60 than any version of the 745 was. So I love my car, and I am perplexed about a replacement as well. The 745i/750i is too bulky feeling and the steering is not as communicative. The 550i is a nice choice, but I'm 6'6" and its just barely big enough. Budget aside, I think I would be very happy with a Quattroporte but you can't even find a used one south of 100k. I have two pieces of advice:

    1) watch out for the SMG on the M5. You say you like luxury, and my salesman and a friend of mine who got an M5 (I haven't driven it yet) say that when you're on the gas its great, but in traffic and during low intensity driving it gives the car a decidedly non-luxurious feeling.
    2) Swap the SL55 for an AMv8! I watched a video of an AM V8 testing at the ring and the car sounds intoxicating. The interior should be typical Aston. Another killer choice would be to zip in a deposit on next year's Maser GT spyder. It has the same shape as the current car, but convertible is a hardtop.

    Best of luck,
  • 11-14-2005, 05:41 PM

    Re: Well, I don't know about the color longevity

    Let's hope it wears better! People laugh when I get in my car... it's like a ritual... no wallet in my back pocket... make sure if I'm wearing a belt that the back of my shirt covers it so that it doesn't contact the seat directly... etc... because all of those things and then some have discolored and worn out seats in my BMW's...

    I don't mind the light colors if they get dirty, because you can normally just clean them BUT most of the times (for me anyway), the dye wore off... so it wasn't a matter of dirt at all. Oh... and to clarify (as I needed to do for the regional rep to replace the leather last time) I'm far from overweight... dare I even say I'm skinny... so that's not the culprit either.
  • 11-14-2005, 05:36 PM

    Re: Question Paul?

    Ok... you're probably going to laugh when I first tell you that I'm 26... so from the very start, the 745Li probably wasn't the best fit. But anyway... I've always preferred luxury cars with as many toys as possible. Hence the reason my 7 has the luxury rear seating package... the active cruise control, etc... all things that I never use.

    Prior to the 7, I had a 5 which was a great car. Since the new 5 wasn't out yet, the 7 was the logical choice. The choice of the long wheel base came out of two facts. First being that there were more "toys" (options) available on the Li, such as the rear seating package, etc. Also, from a visual standpoint, I always thought that because the 7 was a particularly tall car... the shorter version just looked stubby to me. As far as the sport option goes... if I remember correctly, it wasn't available when I ordered my car either.

    The reason I'm going more toward a performance BMW rather than a luxury one this time around is also due to the other car sitting in my garage. I have a MB SL55, which up to this point was enough performance for me, and it made the 745Li a nice balance. But I'm starting to think about replacing the MB as well and haven't found a suitable replacement (coupe or conv't) that I like and that's in my budget (otherwise if I had no budget, I'd run out and buy a V12 Vanquish). So the M5, to me anyway, was an interesting mix of BMW luxury (although it's definitely less than my 7) and performance in one... until I figure out what to do with the other car. Plus, this way it gives me more flexability in the second car... whether I decide to replace it with another conv't, a coupe or even an SUV like a Range Rover.

    Granted, my thinking might be slightly flawed... but hey, it's still an M5!
  • 11-14-2005, 03:27 PM

    Well, I don't know about the color longevity

    I can only hope that BMW has learned their lessons on this. The leather is extremely high quality - very soft. As far as wear and tear, it's early, but the Silverstone is actually a better color than my Beige 545 as far as dirt showing. Part is the Beige was the lower quality Dakota, and had a deep grain that would stay clean while the surface got dirty. The Nappa is very smooth. Granted neither color is low maintenance. I keep pretty good care of the interior, using the Leatherique products. Hopefully it will hold up.
  • 11-14-2005, 12:47 PM
    Mr. Mr.

    Question Paul?

    I would think someone replacing a 7 with an M5 would be by nature a very performance minded driver. Such a 7 driver would likely have choosen a 745i sport, not the long wheelbase car. Has there been a change in your circumstances? I'm curious why such a huge leap from the BMW that most sacrafices performance for comfort (in my opinion) to one of the BMWs that most sacrafices comfort for perfomance (shy of an M3). Nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit. I'm just curious.

  • 11-14-2005, 11:09 AM

    Re: I would think about the aluminum trim again.

    First let me say, I love the aftermarket pedals...

    I thought about the silverstone interior, but I'm afraid of how light the leather is and how it will wear. My 7 and my 5 previous to that both had light interiors (actually sandstone which is more or less brown)... and the leather wore so badly... color came off, etc. On my 5, they re-dyed the seats twice in 3 years and on my 7, the leather has already been replaced once (it can't be re-dyed because it's perferated for the ventilation). Hence the reason I feel safer with the black leather...

    I'm just so confused! Choices... choices... choices! Actually, I don't mind having to make this choice... it's having to wait until Aptil that's going to kill me!
  • 11-13-2005, 09:38 PM

    OK. It does look nice with that interior!

  • 11-13-2005, 09:30 PM

    I would think about the aluminum trim again.

    I've always been partial to wood, but I went with the aluminum trim because the wood just looked like $%*! to me. The dark wood looks pretty 'dodgy', and the Olive Carrera looks like a nightmare. I saw the dark wood at Detroit. Pictures of the Olive was enough.

    Now that I have the Aluminum, I really like it. It is darker than what I saw in Detroit, and has a much more pronounced grain. With the Silverstone interior it really looks sharp. That would be a combo I would think about if you're getting the Interlagos Blue. I've attached a picture of my car with full perforated Silverstone Leather and aluminum trim and pedals (aftermarket).

  • 11-13-2005, 09:17 PM


    I would go with the black / olive ash. The light wood really looks great with the black interior.

  • 11-13-2005, 02:46 AM


  • 11-13-2005, 02:40 AM

    I think the lighter wood will look like cheap.....

    plastic. The darker wood always seems to look real.
  • 11-13-2005, 01:29 AM


    My second E60 tells me one thing loud and clear.

    The interior on the E60 is cold. If you nix the wood, it is even worse. Get the wood you like. The aluminum just adds to the "what the hell is the deal with this interior" perception.

  • 11-12-2005, 05:57 PM

    Interior Wood Trim Choice on M5?

    Alright guys, I've decided to swap my 745Li for a new M5... but instead of taking something off a lot, I want to order it my way (which means unfortunately I'll have to wait for delivery until about April).

    Regardless, I'm trying to narrow down my color combo choices here so I can finalize my order. As far as the exterior goes, I'm definitely partial to the Interlagos Blue... but it's the interior I have little problem with.

    Since I want the vetilated seats (something I got used to in my 7 especially in South Florida), it's either black or silverstone leather and I personally think the black is a cleaner look. So the last choice I need to make is the trim... brushed aluminum, olive ash, or walnut. I think the aluminum (while it has a sporty look) comes off a little cheap... so I'm left with the two woods. I saw an M5 they were prepping for another customer with the black leather and walnut wood and it looked very nice BUT I'm wondering if the olive ash wouldn't be more unique since it would offer such a contrast between the light wood and black interior...

    Does anyone have any thoughts on it and by any chance would anyone have a picture of a black interior with the olive ash wood (a real pic... not a computer generated from the BMW website)?

    Thanks for the help...

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